As women, we are reminded almost daily that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. That our worth isn’t measured by our waistlines, the color of our skin, our height, thigh gap, perfect butt, or the myriad of other aspects that would be considered aesthetically pleasing to the world. ThatRead More →


There are many female celebrities out there who are stylish, but for me, Dakota Johnson is without a doubt my style icon. Dakota always shines on the red carpet, but that’s not what I’m focusing on here. In my opinion, Dakota has got the best street style I have everRead More →

I know nothing about fashion. My mind, however, is a weird place that goes down rabbit warren highways, searching for information I will never use. That is how I started binging fashion documentaries on Netflix, and that is why I now have opinions on them. I started watching these atRead More →

Well, well… Zayn and Gigi have made their relationship very official. I mean we already knew they were – but one thinks that posing together in Vogue takes a relationship to a whole other level. The two jetted off to Italy for their photo shoot with Mario Testano. We thinkRead More →