Hello and welcome to the penultimate episode of the Bold Type’s third season. Quite a few things happened this episode, so let’s break it down to the highlights! JANE:  Jane and Jacqueline interviewed Pamela Dolin, who refuses to comment on any of the allegations, leaving their office strangely unfazed byRead More →


In the great words of my boy Chance the Rapper, “And we back and we back and we back!”   Hello eveyrone! Grown-ish is back and I am so excited!  I, for one, am not a huge fan of the summertime and the lack of quality television shows to chooseRead More →

It’s summertime and you know what that means, vacations, sunny days, and lots of time to binge watch shows! Yassss! Grown-ish returns for it’s second half of the season on Freeform this week, on June 5th. Basically it’s like A Different World for millennials. There is no Whitley Gilbert butRead More →

Change. It’s a word that at first recognition might make you nervous. After all, most people don’t like change. They like what is constant, what is safe and what they can control. But in Cloak & Dagger’s season 2 finale, we caught a glimpse of why change might not necessarilyRead More →

Welcome back to Scarlet! This episode of the Bold Type was packed with drama for our three favorite ladies. With exes returning, boyfriends going on tour and a new seminar, the Bold Type has been a mess of emotion and tensions are running high in the offices of Scarlet magazine.Read More →

Love and loss. The foundation for pretty much every story out there. They’re two of the most powerful emotions, and in Cloak & Dagger’s penultimate episode, we got to see how those factors influenced the season’s big bad. When you lose what you love, it’s painful. Whether that’s someone youRead More →

All’s fair in love and war, they say. Well, this episode is all about how not fair love can be, and all about the work it takes in making relationships work, once the honeymoon phase is over and real life kicks in. There’s some serious character growth in this episodeRead More →

The ladies of The Bold Type are back, bold and beautiful as ever! I believe this is one of my favorite episodes of season three so far, as it feels like season is starting to pick up speed, and we’re beginning to see how the next couple of episodes willRead More →

It’s the last regular episode of season three of Shadowhunters, and now all that’s left is the 2 ½ hour finale. This episode was underwhelming and cringe-worthy in a lot of ways, as Shadowhunters episodes usually are, but it had its good moments too. I can’t say I’ll be particularlyRead More →

Over the course of the last two seasons, Freeform’s The Bold Type has established itself as a glamorous feel-good television show, centered around the lives of three millennial women. The workplace dramedy, set mostly in the offices of the women’s magazine Scarlet, explores issues of sex, cancer, contraception, gun control,Read More →

It’s the second-to-last episode of the season, I am still so confused about so many things, and I have no idea how this show is going to wrap things up in one episode. Let’s discuss season three episode nineteen, Aku Cinta Kamu. HEARTBREAK Source Unsurprisingly, the episode opens with MagnusRead More →

As Cloak & Dagger continues to wade through its sophomore season, there are more questions than answers that are being raised. Questions that are being introduced before they become pivotal parts of this season. Who is behind the missing girls? Is Mayhem actually the enemy? What’s the line between what’sRead More →

It’s mid April and only a few weeks before the series finale, which apparently makes it the perfect time for a special Halloween episode. Gotta love Shadowhunters logic. Endarkened, maybe? Source After last episode’s successful mission to retrieve the Heavenly Fire, our characters get to work finding a way toRead More →