Hulu Announces Premiere Date For ‘How I Met Your Father’

So many things to look forward to in 2022! #HIMYF being one of the TV shows that we can’t wait for! See the premiere announcement

Hulu Releases The First Official Look At ‘How I Met Your Father’

One show we’re looking forward to is #hulu’s #HIMYF. The first official pic has been released and we’re just like never seen the brooklyn bridge this empty.

Kim Cattrall Joins The Cast Of ‘How I Met Your Father’

We didn’t see this one coming, but hey, we’re here for it. Kim Cattrall has joined the cast of #HowIMetYourFather!

Hilary Duff Shares First Behind The Scenes Picture From ‘How I Met Your Father’

We will watch anything that Hilary Duff does except a horror movie, because we’re chicken. Well most of us.

‘How I Met Your Father’ Adds To The Cast

#HowIMetYourFather has added to the cast and it’s a face that you may recognize. But is he the father? We don’t know.

Hilary Duff Talks About Why She Signed On For ‘How I Met Your Father’

We would be on the meh side for #HowIMetYourFather, but it stars #HilaryDuff so…