This International Women’s Day we want to celebrate the characters that defined us as girls, teenagers, and women. The characters who set the stage for what is badass, what is brave, what is kind, or what is compassionate in this world. It all started with characters and it ended withRead More →


With Timeless right around the corner and International Women’s Day here, we thought it was about time we put together a list of amazing historical women that we’d love the Timeless team to meet. Each and every single woman on this was a fighter, a survivor, and someone who definitely didn’t play by theRead More →

It’s International Women’s Day, and though we here at Fangirlish would like to congratulate all the beautiful, strong ladies that read us, we’d also like to celebrate the strong women we all look up to. International Women’s Day is about being us, about being loud, bold, and happy – whateverRead More →