It’s only episode two and we’re already craving for more angst riddled and ugly crying goodness that is The 100. In ‘Wanheda: Part Two’ family finds it’s way back to each other, the glimmer of new enemies emerge, and Lexa reappears *insert deep sigh*. Let’s take a look at theRead More →


In the words of the brave, smart, and resourceful Octavia Blake: The 100 Season 3 hit the ground running with a Commander of Death emerging from her sabbatical, world building, and relationships (old and new.) Let’s not forget the big threat sitting atop a mountain in a fancy mansion. It’sRead More →

The 100 season premiere is right around the corner (tomorrow actually.) But wait…you don’t remember where you left off! (What a shame!) And you don’t have enough time or will to get through all the angst and pain of Season 2? Well, this is where I come in! Below I’veRead More →

War is brewing in the latest trailer for The 100. For the Sky People it’s internal conflict between those who want to keep peace (Kane) and those who threaten it (Jaha and his lackey John Murphy.) Everyone’s on the hunt for Clarke and we get another brief glimpse of newRead More →