5 Worst TV Shows On-Air

This is the post where shows that are currently on-air should come to die. I question why they are even still on for many reasons: because they are horrendous, the storyline has gone so far off track, endless seasons or…

‘Manifest’ To Air Two Episodes This Week

NBC didn’t get the memo that all that matters is Shadow & Bone, and decided to air 2 episodes of Manifest this week.

‘Manifest’ 3×4 Review: “Tail Spin”

I am back on my brand and remembering why #Manifest is a shit show and this show makes no f*cking sense

‘Manifest’ 3×03 Review: “Wingman”

The third episode of Manifest of this season… well, this season is definitely better than the last.

‘Manifest’ 3×02: “Deadhead”

My brand when it comes to Manifest is pretty much always the same. But 85% of this episode – I liked.

‘Manifest’ 3×02 Photos: “Deadhead”

The photos for the second episode of #Manifest are here. It’s the usual, someone has an issue, shit is tested, and nothing makes sense.

‘Manifest’ 3×01 Review: “Tailspin”

#Manifest is back and for a hot second I was like this shit got better. But then I realized that wasn’t reality.

‘Manifest’ 3×01 Advanced Review: “Tailfin”

Sometimes we have not so deep thoughts and sometimes we’re wondering what idiot keeps a show going that deserves to STOP.

‘Manifest’ 3×01 Photos: “Tailfin”

It’s not an April Fools Day joke, Manifest is returning on 4/1. See the photos for the premiere episode.

‘Manifest’ Releases Its Poster And First Image For Season 3

Well, it serves us right that we’ll come out of March straight into the hell that is Manifest. See the first image from the 3rd season.

Warner Miller Joins The Shit Show That Is ‘Manifest’

Yes, I’m still pointing out how ridiculous #Manifest is and I still DGAF what anyone else thinks.

There’s A New Passenger From Flight 828

Erin is back on her bullshit and talking about her hate for Manifest and wondering why anyone would join this cast.

2021 Is Going To Punish Me With More ‘Manifest’

I will never understand why NBC keeps Manifest around, cause it’s legit one of the WORST shows on TV. #ISAIDWHATISAID

NBC Decides To Punish Us All And Renews ‘Manifest’

This morning I woke up and I had to question why I was being punished. I looked at my texts and saw The Baker and The Beauty was cancelled and I was like, fuck you 2020. And so I figured…

‘Manifest’ Season Finale: Thank God This Season Is Over

Oh, Manifest. I am so happy that this season is over. And honestly this was the best episode of the season. Well, until you get to the end and you’re like WTF is actually happening. Look, I will be the…

‘Manifest’ 2×10: “Course Deviation”

Maybe it’s the pandemic or maybe it’s that Manifest finally showed some potential. For you know for like 21 minutes of the show. The rest of it – well all of it’s debatable. And by debatable – I mean this…

‘Manifest’ 2×09: WTF Is Actually Happening

Make it stop. I will never – for the life of me – understand what it is that made NBC cancel Timeless, but keep the shit show that is Manifest on the air. Maybe someone missed Lost or felt like…

‘Manifest’ 2×07: “Emergency Exit”

I don’t need to go to church because Manifest throws its religious undertones at me every week. Like if we’re being honest, Lost 2.0 makes a part of my soul dies every single time I watch it. And yes, I…

‘Manifest’ 1×06 Review: “Return Trip”

Lord, I am more and more convinced we’re going to be in a Lost situation when Manifest ends. Lets break down this episode, titled “Return Trip.” MICHAELA IS A BETTER WOMAN THAN ME Remember last week when we found out…

‘Manifest’ 2×04: “Black Box”

You know how there are those cartoons with someone walking around and they have a black cloud above them all the time and they can’t escape it? That my friends, is Michaela on Manifest. This woman is strong and fierce,…

‘Manifest’ 2×02: “Grounded”

Not going to lie – sometime Manifest angers me, and I am like I don’t need a lesson on religion. Because ultimately, that’s what it feels like. It feels like someone is trying to sell me on a few things…