‘Selling Sunset’ Star Christine Quinn Tweeted About Shows Fake Storylines

Mind blowing revelation Christine Quinn, reality shows have fake storylines? Who knew?

Chrishell Stause Didn’t Need To Insert Herself Into This Narrative

Sometimes it’s better to say nothing and I feel like Chrishell Stause should have said nothing at all.

‘Selling Sunset’ Stars Mary Fitzgerald and Christine Quinn Are No Longer Close

#SellingSunset stars Mary and Christine are no longer close, so we think that Mary is winning in life.

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Chrissy Teigen is a twitter goddess who asks all the burning questions and we love her so much for it.

When Did Things Go Bad Between Christine and Crishell?

Christine Quinn is pure evil and should probably shut the fuck up more. God, I can’t stand her.

I’m Only Watching This Once: “Selling Sunset”

I tried to only watch this once, but #SellingSunset is such a hot mess, that I couldn’t turn this shit off.