‘Selling Sunset’ Stars Mary Fitzgerald and Christine Quinn Are No Longer Close

Selling Sunset is filled with a lot of drama, but then again, isn’t that part of the reason that we that we all love it? I mean, it is part of the reason I do.

I have my favorites and my members of the cast that I despise. One of those on the despise list is Christine Quinn. The woman is the sidekick to evil (and yes, I know she would hate being called a sidekick).


Recently Selling Sunset star Mary Fitzgerald revealed on Behind The Velvet Rope with David Yontef that she and costar Christine Quinn are not close anymore. Sounds like Mary started making some smart choices and getting rid of the trash in her life.

“We just we’ve grown apart. I mean, I love her. I’ll always wish her the best, but we’ve just kind of grown apart and it just feels like right now we’re on kind of different paths. And we, since we had finished filming, I haven’t really seen her.” Mary said on the podcast. Sounds like the pandemic has helped her get rid of the people who aren’t good people.

“She hasn’t come into the office that much. And, and, and then Corona has kind of kept everyone out of the office. I still go in and Jason and I still go in, but, but a lot of people are taking it very seriously, but we just wear masks and gloves and we’re fine.” Mary continued.

Though I don’t think that people should be in an office in a hotspot like California, so I will applaud Satan’s sidekick for not going in.

Listen to the whole podcast HERE.

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