Well, that sure didn’t take long. Season 2, here we come! Deadline reports that The Gifted, the FOX show set in the X-Men universe, which is set to air it’s Season 1 finale on January 15th, will be back for a Season 2. We can’t say we’re shocked by thisRead More →


This year has gone fast, maybe too fast. With 2018 on the horizon and, as we think about all the upcoming shows, we wanted to give a shout out to the best underrated shows of 2017. They’re magnificent series that haven’t had the attention they deserve.  Orphan Black This show isRead More →

2017 was a good year for many fans of many different ships. Whether it was Olicity, WestAllen or Jake and Amy on Brooklyn 99, you got countless romantic/shippy moments to make your heart explode with joy. Now having said that…there’s a few ships that we are reaching the point whereRead More →

2017 is coming to an end! Time flies, we’re already in December and just five minutes ago we were trying to cross out some goal of the usual list that we do every year – and almost never fulfill. But the truth is that this year is about to endRead More →

When Marvel announced a new TV spinoff, and introduced the idea for The Gifted, a show about the mutants we don’t really know, about the non-famous X-Men, as it were, it sounded intriguing. But, unlike DC, which has made DCTV into a profitable juggernaut that somehow keeps on growing onRead More →

Many critics are calling this the golden age of television and with the selection of good quality, excellent shows in a variety of genres, it is not difficult to see why. From the teenage drama in Riverdale, to the light-hearted comedy of The Mayor to heavy-hearted Handmaid’s Tale, there wasRead More →

When it’s on, The Gifted is a compelling show whose whole premise puts them in the perfect place to deliver pointed and necessary social commentary, especially in a world where, every day, it seems like, mutants or not, prejudice is more and more a part of our every day-life. ButRead More →

Roderick Campbell, aka Ahab, is coming to The Gifted! Deadline is reporting that Garret Dillahunt (Justified) has been cast in the role, and will recurr on the first season of the FOX drama. The comics version of Campbell is a good man at first, at least until he gets a glimpse ofRead More →