‘The Santa Clauses’ 1×04: ‘The Shoes off the Bed Clause’

Though #TheSantaClauses is better, it’s still a lecture of politics and capitalism and someones gotta remind them – it’s Christmas.

‘The Santa Clauses’ 1×03 Review: “Into the Wobbly Woods

Well, we’re so confused why #TheSantaClauses is moving so fast and why this wasn’t a movie.

‘The Santa Clauses’ 1×02 Review: ‘The Secessus Clause’

The second episode of #TheSantaClauses improves the show, but also isn’t perfect. It isn’t honoring the movie franchise in the way it should at all.

‘The Santa Clauses’ 1×01 Review: ‘Good To Ho’

The first episode of #TheSantaClauses feels like a back handed comment at society and the disagreement of being kinder in the way we speak.

‘The Santa Clause’ Interview: Kal Penn and Rupali Redd

One of our biggest goals has always been to interview Kal Penn. Interviewing him & Rupali Redd was a dream come true

‘The Santa Clause’ Interview: Elizabeth Mitchell & Austin Kane

When I reflect on my love of Christmas movies, it doesn’t start with movies like It’s A Wonderful Life. It starts with The Santa Clause. I can remember sitting on the couch with my little brother and answering questions about…

See The Trailer For ‘The Santa Clauses’

Now, we were excited for The Santa Clauses but we’re now on a countdown after seeing the trailer. We’re definitely ready to get pulled back into this world. Santa Claus retiring? We’re not for it. Elves disappearing? We’re not for…

See The Latest Released Photos From ‘The Santa Clauses’

It’s almost November, which means a lot of Christmas movies and TV shows. We’re looking forward to #TheSantaClauses

‘The Santa Clauses’ Adds Laura San Giacomo To The Cast

We didn’t know there was such a thing as a Christmas Witch, but we learn something new everyday. Laura San Giacomo will be playing one in #TheSantaClauses

See The First Look At The Disney+ Show, ‘The Santa Clauses’

You ever loved a movie as a kid but then you grew up and the lead actor is just ugh, but you’re excited for a TV series?

Matilda Lawler Joins Disney+’s ‘The Santa Clause’ As Series Regular

Sure, we may not be Tim Allen’s biggest fan (not really a fan at all), but we do love The Santa Clause franchise. Judge as you want, but we’re trash for holiday movies and will watch and judge them all. …

‘The Santa Clause’ Adds Tim Allen’s Daughter Elizabeth Allen-Dick To The Cast

Is it nepotism or is she right for the part? We’ll see soon enough, when #TheSantaClause limited series comes out.

Elizabeth Mitchell Set To Reprise Her Role In ‘Santa Clause’ Limited Series

This news made our day! After all, The Santa Clause would not be the same without her.

Tim Allen to Reprise Role in ‘Santa Clause’ Series Ordered at Disney+

It’s time to return to the North Pole! Tim Allen will reprise his role as Scott Calvin/Santa in a Santa Clause limited series on Disney+!