As you already know, Fangirlish infiltrated the 2017 Toronto Wattcon event on October 21. Toronto was quickly turned orange as Wattpaders from far and wide descended on the city to celebrate all things stories, meeting old friends and new, and come together with the commonality of love and literature. WeRead More →


The writers of Wattpad are quickly taking over the traditional publishing landscape, their talents cascading through print and audio books all over the world. No longer are they confined to the online realm, but instead finding ranks among some of the top writers in the industry. With Wattpad joining forcesRead More →

Wattpad is a forum like no other. 60 million monthly users, more than 400 million stories of every genre and subject you can imagine, all crammed into a single, wonderful, supportive orange landscape of collaboration. It is a community like no other, where you can collaborate with others of likeRead More →

Wattpad has established itself as a social media, writing powerhouse, delivering some of the most visionary writers of this generation to the mainstream literary market. Giving potential and aspiring authors a platform for their work like no other; to not only post and have people read their ideas, but toRead More →

Wattpad has no shortage of inspirational and talented writers utilizing its platform. No matter your preference, you will find it within their links; genre, length, sexuality, maturity, cartoon, real life, it doesnt matter. It is there. But with all these endless options it can sometimes he hard to pick outRead More →

October 21, 2017 the streets of downtown Toronto will see a sea of orange converge on the popular St Lawerence Market area. Readers, writers and lovers of the popular online writing forum Wattpad will be coming home to the place where their favorite community was born, and Wattpad HQ willRead More →

The equivalent to Oscar season has arrived for Wattpad writers, and in a big way. The Wattys showcase the best and brightest stories of the forum, the title of Wattys winner a coveted one within the writing world. To have that badge on your story cover is something many striveRead More →

There is no shortage of incredible, talented, amazing writers on Wattpad. That much is obvious when you look at the 40 million stories, billions of minutes spent on the site, and endless stream of Wattpad originate stories hitting the bookshelves. We’ve already seen Ali Novak, AV Geiger and Lindsey SummersRead More →

No matter your job, your gender, your sexual orientation or your location in the world, we all have some place in fandom. We all have a favorite show, movie, book, celeb, and we’ve all spent more hours than we would probably admit to others captivated within the world of media.Read More →

Wattpad has never been one to stay still for long, the online orange landscape of writing and reading dominating all things web-word. In its 10 year existence, it has already launched the careers of NYT bestsellers, made partnerships with Universal, Paramount, Hachette and more, and was awarded as one ofRead More →

Wattpad has done it again, bringing one of its most popular stories to a new level, and entirely new medium! Along with CW Seed and Tongal, the online writing forum phenomenon announced the viral adaptation of the supernatural romance and is urging film makers to pitch their ideas on howRead More →

Tickets for the latest Wattpad writer event were released this am, and Wattpaders far and wide are now in full orange excitement for what is to come. And at only $10 each, you’d be silly to miss out! October 21, 2017,  from 10am-630pm, Toronto will be seeing orange as anRead More →

Wattpad sure knows how to get their users excited. Just as the deadline for the 2017 Watty Awards comes to an end on August 1, the announcement of their latest fan event hits the internet, and it is going to be epic. September 2016 found #NYCWattcon taking over New YorkRead More →

The third edition of the summer Wattpad Block Party is less than a week away. That’s right, less than one week! On August 1, everything kicks off with a bang, and continues every day through the whole month, bringing you variety, humor, chills and free swag. You will get postsRead More →

What do you get when you join the biggest online writing forum on the internet that has a monthly user count of more than 55 million and more than 375 million story uploads with one of the big 5 publishers in the world? Publishing and the journey of authors redefined.Read More →

The Wattpad Block Party kicks off August 1, and Wattpaders from far and wide are waiting with baited breath. The block party brings together writers of every genre and followership for a month long extravaganza of special features, chapters, give aways and more. Wattpad, the online writing forum which launchedRead More →

It is officially July, and while we are finally enjoying the throws of summer, sun and warmth, it also means that the Wattpad Block Party is on its way! *insert squee*. Kicking off August 1 and carrying throughout the month, Wattpad sensation Kelly Anne Blount brings together Wattpaders from allRead More →

Its that time of year again! The time when the best and brightest get together with the most awesome of the newcomers for the Wattpad Block Party! And we are squeeing with excitement! Hosted by the incomparable Kelly Anne Blount (USA Bestselling Author), the Block Party takes over the monthRead More →

In recent conversations, I’ve found myself defending how important fanfiction is to the fandom experience, and why I find myself on Archive of Our Own at four in the morning. The thing with fanfiction is that if you don’t know the experience, no amount of justifying, describing or arguing canRead More →