‘National Treasure: Edge Of History’ 1×08: ‘Prison Break’

Our money will always be on Jess, Tasha, Oren, and Ethan – Liam too. Billie be damned.

‘National Treasure: Edge Of History’ 1×07 Review: ‘Point Of No Return’

Hold up, wait a minute! Who is still alive? What’s more important than family? We’re so like WTF just happened.

‘National Treasure: Edge Of History’ 1×06 Review: ‘Frenemies’

There is no one that you can trust in #NationalTreasure, we get that. But lordy, it’s such a complicated mess. We’re here for it

‘National Treasure: Edge of History’ 1×05: ‘Bad Romance’

If Bad Romance is the song you’re dancing too, that should tell you something. #JustSaying #NationalTreasureSeries

‘National Treasure: Edge of History’ 1×04: “Charlotte”

Our ship has set sail! We repeat our ship has set sail. Anything else that happened before that, we’re good.

‘National Treasure: Edge Of History’ 1×03 Review: ‘Graceland Gambit’

What we’ve realized this episode is we’re totally shipping Liam and Jess and we’re going to die on this hill.

‘National Treasure: Edge of History’ 1×02 Review: ‘The Treasure Map’

We know it’s only episode 2 of #NationalTreasureSeries, but like if we’re being honest, we’re starting to have a ship… already.

‘National Treasure: Edge of History’ 1×01 Review: ‘I’m A Ghost’

#NationalTreasureSeries makes one thing clear in the first episode – it will pay homage to the original, but it does stand on its own. It’s really that good

‘National Treasure: Edge of History’ Debuts Its First Look

We’re just fans of #NationalTreasure, sitting here staring at photos for the upcoming TV show based on the franchise…