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Love 2×08 Recap: “Marty Dobbs”

After an unintentional hiatus, because life gets you sometimes, I’m back! Let’s get back to “Love”, season 2. This episode was full of emotions, woo-hoo! Stressing The episode starts with some serious stress cleaning. Gus…

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Love 2×07 Recap: “The Work Party”

Gravity SubZero We start with a meeting at Mickey’s work. Erica, her manager is giving a presentation about the merger the station is going through. Erica pulls Mickey aside after the meeting to tell her that…

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‘The Originals’ : Enjoy the Party

With Vincent has now decided to play detective and chooses to go through the history books of New Orleans murder sprees that have similar links to the current events, he finds that the Hollow emerges…

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‘Love’ Recap 2×05 Recap: ‘A Day’

  After the trip we experienced in episode four, let’s hope things calm down this time. “I’m sorry, Brenda Bleythn” We open with Mickey and Gus in bed, and they’re uh… having a great time. Let’s…

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‘Love’ 2×04 Recap: ‘Shrooms’

Things get a little trippy this time around on “Love”. Let’s recap. A “Quiet” Night At Home We start with a knock on the door. It’s probably a few days later, and Gus is coming over…

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“Love” 2×01 Recap: “On Lockdown”

Alright, who’s ready for some ridiculous choices and stupid adults? If you raised your hand that means you’re ready to watch Love season two with me! Hopefully if you’re reading this article that means you watched…