A New Movie In ‘A Cinderella Story’ Franchise Is Coming

Ok, you know how you love some movies – despite the overwhelming amount of cheesiness. That’s me with the ‘Cinderella Story’ movies. Like I LOVE THEM. They are so bad that they are good and I can’t look away.

Who doesn’t like watching fairy tales come true? (You know you do).

I remember the one with Hillary Duff and Chad Michael Murray and don’t get me started on the Selena Gomez one. But my excitement was reignited this AM when I found out A Cinderella Story: If The Shoe Fits is coming. YESS! Bring on the cheese!

Sofia Carson has been tapped to star. Here’s what we know about this –

Tessa Golden, who is forced to go on vacation with her stepmother and two stepsisters. Once at the resort, she realizes she’s only there to serve her sisters as they compete for the lead roles in Cinderella The Musical. Her burgeoning friendship with a local makeup artist allows her to take on a new identity so she too can audition…and needless to say, she steals the show (literally).

So excited about this!

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