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‘Arrow’: Why Oliver is Finally on the Path to Harnessing His Own Light

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  1. Kendall says:

    I think the finale will truly be when Oliver has to harness the light of his teamfamily. Diggle just had to kill his brother and that’s going to have huge emotional consequences for him to like John said in 4×19 he doesn’t know who he is anymore and now it’s up to Oliver to help him find the new John Diggle and to keep Digg out of the darkness, Lance just lost another daughter so I’m sure his hope is dying, Thea is grappling with being Speedy for the right reasons or is It because of the pit? And idk what it’s going to be that pushes Felicity into a hopeless state or a darker path but something will happen in the next couple episodes that will require the ultimate shift in their dynamic. Time for Oliver to be the one to harness their light and doing that sets him down the right path to truly be able to harness his own on his own

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