Arrow: Oliver and Felicity Won't Be Together When Season 5 Starts — But There's Still Hope

When it comes to Arrow, a significant component of the heart of the show is the relationship between Oliver and Felicity. It’s the show’s epic love story that is as inspiring as it is captivating thanks to the organic chemistry between the actors and their journey.
After a fourth season that began happily for the lovebirds, some unnecessary baby mama drama drove a wedge in between the two, which led to the breaking off of an engagement. But despite the separation season four ended on an optimistic note as Oliver and Felicity remained behind in Star City together to continue protecting Star City in Diggle, Thea, and Quentin’s absence.
As thoughts turn to season 5 during hiatus, one of the questions lingering is about Olicity’s future. During a panel at Wizard World Philadelphia on Saturday, Stephen Amell gave fans a tease about what to expect from the fan-favorite couple next season.
Amell said that Oliver and Felicity will not be together when season 5 begins. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. And that doesn’t mean there’s not hope.
“I don’t think they start the season together but beyond that I don’t know,” he told the crowd.
Assuming Arrow remains in real time, which would include a five-month break between seasons, Arrow‘s fifth season will pick back up in October with Oliver and Felicity the lone Team Arrow members remaining as they continue to protect Star City together.
With Oliver and Felicity remaining romantically separated during hiatus, this allows for Arrow to really explore their relationship when season 5 premieres and will show their reconciliation on screen.
Just as Olicity started off together and ended up separated by season 4’s end, season 5 could once again find the pair on the opposite side of the spectrum starting off separated and finding their way back to one another.
What do you think about Oliver and Felicity not being together when season 5 returns?
Arrow returns Wednesdays this fall on The CW.


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