Supergirl: Mon-El’s Secret Will Bring Karamel Tension

So much for that smooth sailing for Supergirl’s Kara and Mon-El. Sounds like a certain royal secret that Mon-El has been keeping is about to bring some tension to the newly coupled pair.

In Monday’s “Star-Crossed,” Mon-El’s connection to a pair of newly-Earth bound Daxamites (including Teri Hatcher) is revealed — and not because Mon-El opens up about it. From what Melissa Benoist teased about the revelation dropped on Kara, it sounds like Kara is blindsided by the news.

“The way she finds out the truth is not the way she would want to find out — and not just because it’s a secret Mon-El (Chris Wood) has kept from her this whole time,” Benoist told TVLine.


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Basically it sounds like Kara is more agitated at how she learns the truth and not so much the truth itself. While Kara and Mon-El have managed to put aside their differences — considering the history of Kryptonians and Daxamites — these new Daxamites don’t exactly share their acceptance. You could say they’re more conservative than liberal.

“Tensions are high,” Benoist said. “Daxamites and Kryptonians don’t really get along. Kara and Mon-El found common ground through the kindness in their hearts, but [the new arrivals] are much more set in their ways, so it’s difficult.”

Regarding Mon-El’s involvement with the Daxamites — who we are convinced are his parents — and how that will affect his relationship with Kara, it sounds like this will be the first real test these two face as a couple as the secret and its repercussions will throw “a wrench in the gears,” Benoist teased.

While that warning might send Karamel shippers into a frenzy, we wouldn’t worry too much. This is merely a test that their relationship will undergo that’ll ultimately make them stronger.

As longtime fans of DC television, we’re no strangers to secrets putting a wrench into our favorite relationships. But we also have faith that the wrench is only temporary.

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW.


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