Arrow: Expect Oliver & Felicity to Clash in Handling Prometheus

When Stephen Amell teased that we could expect some “really, really cool stuff” with Oliver and Felicity coming up on Arrow, he wasn’t lying.

TV Insider delved a little deeper into that nugget with an intriguing tease of their own that involves Oliver and Felicity clashing over the different ways they choose to approach a shared objective in regards to Prometheus.

As we’ve witnessed this season, Felicity has been getting deeper and deeper with hacktivist organization Helix, which has threatened some consequences on Felicity’s part. According to executive producer Marc Guggenheim, Helix is allowing Felicity to better understand Oliver’s moral ambiguity that he lives with.

“One of the things we wanted to do with Felicity was have her walk a [bit] in Oliver’s footsteps,” Guggenheim said. “Have her experience a little bit of the moral ambiguity he lives with on a daily basis. And for us, that’s the experience with Helix. It’s going to connect up with the Prometheus story in an interesting and unexpected way. I’m very excited about the way it comes together.”


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With Prometheus bragging about being “10 steps ahead” and teasing Oliver that he has no idea what game they’re playing, I can’t help but believe that Prometheus has a hand in Felicity’s involvement with Helix. Prometheus’ long-game continues to look like it involves Felicity.

And for a villain who has been incredibly smart and cunning thus far, he’s also proven that he knows Oliver Queen inside and out. Which means that he knows the significance Felicity serves in Oliver’s life. Which means he knows exactly his endgame.

In “Checkmate,” we saw Oliver confront Felicity about her getting involved with something that she’s been keeping secret. Obviously he’s concerned — he told her as much — so how is Oliver going to react when he finds out the truth? Finds out how Felicity has been going about handling matters?

“[Oliver] does trust her, but that doesn’t mean he has to agree with her,” Amell teased. “You could almost call Episode 19 Team Arrow versus Team Felicity: Felicity heading up Helix, Oliver heading up Team Arrow. Both after the same objective, but after it in different ways. It pushes us into a real exploration of why Oliver and Felicity have been behaving the way they’ve been behaving.”

We’ve already been put on high alert for episode 20, which will have a heavy focus on Oliver and Felicity, and now it seems like we have a hint as to what leads to that pivotal episode.

No doubt that “same objective” involves Prometheus, and no doubt this will force the two to finally talk (after a season where they’ve hardly spoken about themselves personally.)

Basically, episodes 19 and 20 are already proving to be two of my most anticipated episodes this season. While I recognize that two episodes won’t fix the mess that has been season 5 as a whole, I’m hoping that they’ll serve as the beginning of the rebirth of Arrow.

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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