Exclusive Interview: Max Bennett Talks TNT’s ‘Will’

Who says you can’t find some good television during the summer? While we’re trudging through this summer break known as hellatus, we’re soaking in all of the quality television being brought to us. One of the new shows we are loving is TNT’s Will, which is bringing us back in time to the time of Will. Yes, that Will. William Shakespeare.
Fangirlish recently attended the show’s New York City premiere, where we spoke with Will star Max Bennett about his new show and the character he’s bringing to life.
Bennett plays Robert Southwell, a Catholic priest living in England who finds himself in disguise as he tries to escape the promise of death that comes with his being Catholic in the country. Southwell is an incredible writer, who uses his poetry as a way to give strength to the others in hiding.
As for Southwell’s relationship to our titular character, Will, Bennett says that Robert acts as a sort of moral compass for Will, as well being the person that pushes Will to use his writing skills to do what we know he was destined to do: inspire with the written word.
Watch our full interview with Max below, and stay tuned for more from the Will cast:

Will premieres July 10 at 9/8c on TNT.


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