‘Arrow’: 5 Questions We Want Answered at SDCC 2017

While Oliver Queen’s five-year “island” journey came to an end last season, there’s still plenty of story left to tell for Oliver, Felicity, Diggle, and the rest of our Arrow cast of characters. It’s the close of one chapter, and the beginning of a new one.
With Arrow set to return to Comic-Con this month, we’ve got a ton of questions following that explosive (literally!) season finale that left us confident that our favorite characters are okay, but wondering what the hell to expect from the fallout of that final moment.
Here are five – of many – questions we want answered at San Diego Comic-Con 2017:

1. Where is the season premiere going to pick up?

While Arrow certainly shocked us in the final moments of its season 5 finale, once the immediate shock wore off we remembered that Arrow isn’t stupid enough to kill off every other major character not named Oliver Queen. So while we know that our faves are safe, we want to know how we’re going to deal with the fallout. Is Arrow’s sixth season going to keep up with the traditional in-real-time jump? Most likely. So then how can we expect to see how the events of that explosion played out after the fact? Most likely flashbacks. Can we expect to see the fate of each and every one of the characters left hanging in the balance revealed one by one? Can we expect any shocks from that explosion? There are so many questions that stem from that explosive cliffhanger. And while we’re not likely to get immediate answers, we’re not going to stop asking them.

2. What can we expect from Oliver and Felicity’s relationship?

One of Arrow’s strongest elements throughout its history has been the dynamic between Oliver and Felicity. It’s the ship to end all ships on the show, which is exactly what you need to create that fandom hype that can sustain a show. But Arrow did a big disservice to Oliver and Felicity’s relationship dating back to mid season 4 when they elected to introduce the worthless baby mama drama. In season 5, it felt like Arrow tried to ignore Oliver and Felicity’s past and everything that defined who they are. But things took a turning point at the end of the season where the show all but shouted that Oliver and Felicity are a go again. Following that season finale kiss and the promise of a future, we’re curious as to where we’re going to find Oliver and Felicity six months in the future. But more than that, we’re wondering what we can expect from their relationship moving forward? We know they have to rebuild that trust that stemmed from that baby mama drama. But we also know that they were engaged to be married. When they get back together they shouldn’t be dating for too long. They’re past that part. Can we expect a season premiere re-engagement? A wedding in the not-so-distant future? We’ve got questions. And we want all the answers.

3. Is William going to be a major factor in season 6?

Well, I guess the better question is: Is William going to be a big pat of this season on screen? Given the direction Arrow opted to go in the season finale – William knowing Oliver is his father and the uncertain future of William’s mother – we’re left wondering if Arrow is going to take Oliver’s new journey in a more familial direction. I think it was pretty clear in the season finale that we’re going to see Oliver actively want to be a part of William’s life. But is that in a direct, constant way? As in he lives in Star City and interacts with him every day? Or is it more in a casual, occasional way? As in, he lives in Central City and interacts with him every other weekend or something – more off screen? The latter is more likely. I don’t see Arrow bringing in a kid to the show and focusing on that when there are so many other characters to service. But we’ll have to wait and see the presence William has in season 6.

4. Who’s the new big bad? And how can they possibly top Adrian Chase?

This is always a question that we have heading into a new season. But this upcoming season especially, I want to know how Arrow can possibly top the brilliance that was Josh Segarra’s Adrian Chase. Typically, Arrow’s big bads have started off solid enough only to fizzle out as the season wears on. But it was like the opposite with Prometheus. He only gained buzz once Segarra was able to sink his teeth into that complex villain. So who can we expect as this season’s big bad? Now that Oliver has closed his five-year “island” journey, it’s the start of a new chapter. So this new villain needs to be representative of this new chapter for Oliver. Now that we don’t have flashbacks to contend with (phew), there’s no pressure to connect the big bad to the flashbacks. It worked well with Adrian Chase, so why fix what isn’t broken? Black Siren will emerge as the new big bad? Or perhaps Slade Wilson, who was brought back in the finale, will reemerge as a threat again for Oliver? Ooh, now that would be good.

5. Is Josh Segarra going to return as Vigilante?

Perhaps the most consistent and impressive aspect of Arrow’s fifth season was the emergence of Josh Segarra as Adrian Chase, who provided an inspired portrayal of one of the DCTV universe’s best villains. Segarra was able to capture the madness yet intelligence of Chase where he was more terrifying in a psychological sense than a physical sense, although he was also physically imposing. Segarra and Stephen Amell truly brought out the best in each other, which is why we’re asking the Arrow Gods to find a way – any way – to give us Josh back. Given Chase killed himself in the finale, Adrian returning is out. But there’s a little someone named Vigilante, who was introduced early on last season that we never saw his face. In the comics, Adrian Chase is Vigilante. Perhaps the real Adrian Chase is out there? And perhaps he looks exactly like Josh Segarra. I’m just saying, I’d accept the hell out of that if it meant Josh returned.
Arrow will appear at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday at 5:50pm in Ballroom 20. Arrow season 6 premieres Thursday, Oct. 13 at 9/8c on The CW.

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