‘Will’ 1×09: Everyone Seems To Be The Devil, Cause This Show Is Cray

I love Jamie Campbell Bower, really, I do. Like give me Twilight Jamie Campbell Bower or Mortal Instruments one and I am about it. This one – Will era him – SCARED SHITLESS of him.

Like can’t even.

The newest episode of Will aired and I’m like “Play the Devil” is a good title for it, but I am confused as to which one of these weirdoes is actually the devil, because they all seem out of their damn minds.

To write his new play, Will (Laurie Davidson) must confront Topcliffe (Ewen Bremner). To achieve greatness Richard (Mattias Inwood) must tell his father a harsh truth. Alice (Olivia DeJonge) contemplates a perilous mission.

Lets break it down.


Now, I love my best friend, but me walking into a plague house to take care of them? Sorry, I am sending flowers. But Richard, he went in and when he came out – poor dude was destroyed. And I can’t hate on him for that.

The things he must have seen.

He walks out and immediately takes off his clothes and I have to say – Mattias Inwood has a great ass. Lord.

But back to the show.

Richard doesn’t want to return to acting – he’s distraught. It takes him being open with a few in his life for him to start to feel a little better. And it takes annoyance at peoples acting in order for him to return to the stage.

What I admire about Richard is that he is a character that I feel like has grown throughout the episodes. That’s something good to see, cause some characters I don’t feel like that has happened with.

Will has written Richard the 3rd as a depiction of Topcliffe. He needs Richard to perform. It’s Richard performing that will get the crowd to see the intensity of what Topcliffe has done.


I love Alice, but sometimes I want to slap her and tell her to get her head out of her ass. She’s in love, her heart has been broken, and she’s rebelled for the times. But the thing is – I can’t hate on the fact she’s found God, like I love that. But what I don’t love is that she’s letting Robert walk all over her.

Cause he’s manipulated her. Now, this has made me hate him. I get it – he has his way of wanting to do things. But – like, Gods will is not to put people in harms way and that’s what he’s done with Alice.

He’s made her the one to carry his words to someone who can get them to the Queen. Sure, we all want peace. I can’t ever hate on that. I think that is important. But Alice, you don’t know what you are doing.

I can’t blame Will for confronting his cousin and telling him to keep Alice out of harms way. Of course Robert doesn’t listen, even when Will says that he will turn Robert into Topcliffe himself.


Marlowe is living with Robert and he’s lost his mind. Then again, when has he ever had it. That shit is up for debate.

He wants to find God. He wants to find salvation for the things that he is done. I mean, I get it. He’s fucked up in his life, but hey, I don’t get it. If you have to be pushed to the brink of everything, then there is an issue. Like if that’s how you have to find inspiration – then there is an issue.

But Marlowe finds his salvation and it’s kind of a moving moment. Because see Alice has been arrested after Robert manipulated her and left her to be captured by Topcliffe. It made me so angry to see her go through that – because we all know that Topcliffe is fucking crazy. BUT, it made me finally like Marlowe to see him come after her and try to save her.

Guys – Alice sticks to her convictions and her religion. She stays in jail and she’s praying, but I am a little worried about if she’s going to survive. Why?

Well see, Topcliffe tries to break her. He wants to know where Robert is, but she won’t say anything. But she does tell Topcliffe that she forgives him for what he has done and that sets him off.

He slaps her around and starts choking her. And he wants nothing more than to kill her. He wants her dead. He’s an asshole and he’s burned Roberts book that Alice went back to save. He wants to know where the other copies are – because the last thing Topcliffe wants is peace.

Marlowe has told Will that Alice has been arrested and he’s running across London to try and save her. But will he make it in time?

Lord, I don’t know.

Will airs Mondays on TNT.

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