‘Timeless’ 2×01 Roundtable: “The War to End All Wars”

At this point, you’re probably wondering, is there anything else to discuss about Timeless episode 2×01 that we haven’t discussed yet? The answer is, of course, that when you love a show as much as we love this one, there are always things to discuss, and there are always new perspectives to present.

So, this week, we’re giving the writers who love this show and don’t have a chance to cover it on the regular, as well as a few of our readers, a chance to sound off on the season premiere of Timeless, titled “The War to End All Wars.”

Joining me are Alyssa, Erin, Lyra, Sarah, Lariel, Bex, Kayla, Shadia, Marta and our guests Luci, McKenzie and Emily. So let’s talk Timeless feels!


Timeless is back! Describe your feelings about “The War to End All Wars” in one gif:

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Lyatt feels galore! Wyatt went crazy when Lucy was gone, refusing to entertain the notion that he couldn’t get her back and  Lucy was willing to sacrifice herself when she thought she had no one to live for. How are you feeling about Lyatt right now? Will you go down with this ship?

Lizzie: I’m already down. I’ve been down with the ship from the first “ma’am.” Even if I’m alone, I will drown if need be because I love these two so very much, and what I love the most about them, and there are a lot of things, as my review proves, is that they’re partners, first and foremost, friends above anything else, and that the mutual respect and admiration they have for each other grew separately from their romantic feelings, or at least was very clearly cemented before they went past she’s cute/he’s cute and deep into OMG I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT HER/HIM.

And that’s why when Wyatt tells Lucy that she hasn’t lost him, that’s both a romantic declaration and not a romantic declaration, because it’s not just about the fact that he loves her – and he does, it’s so obvious Rufus had to point it out – it’s about the fact that she’s his teammate, and his friend and he’d be there for her even if the romantic feelings hadn’t developed to the point they have. This is a good ship. This is a healthy relationship. This is me being all in with something without having to look the other way about certain behaviors. And I’m so glad I get to ship this, so, so glad.  

Alyssa: There are no words to describe my Lyatt feelings right now. Just a lot of passionate gestures, mouth gaping, and all your basic non-verbal shipper motions. But I’m going to try to put into words my feelings about my favorite ship on television right now. While season 1 was all about setting the foundation for Lucy and Wyatt, season 2 has built on that trusting foundation and amplified the emotion in a way that hasn’t felt disingenuous or unearned. This show definitely made it a point to let you know where Lucy and Wyatt’s relationship is going. And I couldn’t be more pleased as a viewer. Typically, shows can drag out the “will-they-won’t-they” cliche, but Timeless isn’t wasting any time with these two imperfect, beautifully compassionate babies taking the next step in their relationship.

There was an immediate sense of just how far Lucy and Wyatt’s relationship has progressed over that first season. They mean more to each other than either of them are willing to admit to this point, but their feelings couldn’t be more obvious. Wyatt’s passionate insistence that Lucy was alive and his continued insistence that he was going to bring her home was enough to make this shipper topple over. But then you had Lucy’s willingness to sacrifice herself to destroy Rittenhouse — because Wyatt was gone — that damn near killed me. Lucy and Wyatt have become each other’s family — as has Rufus, but in a different way. Lucy and Wyatt didn’t want to live in this world where the other didn’t exist, where they didn’t have each other.

Then you had the reunions — the first, where the pieces just seemed to fall into place, where the color returned to the world. And the second, where they were returned to the present and shared a very real, honest, brutal, and beautiful moment where Lucy let herself break and where she trusted Wyatt to catch her while she did. A moment that nearly resulted — should’ve resulted in a kiss. These two aren’t trying to hide their feelings for each other anymore. Not after everything they’ve been through. Not after they thought they lost each other. Not after they lived in a world where they thought they had. I cannot wait to see where Lyatt’s relationship is going. It’s going to be glorious — and, I know, it’s going to be beautifully angsty and painful, as well.

Erin: There are no words to which I can put together to adequately describe my feelings for Lyatt. They are the definition of the slow burn and they are the definition of how the hell to make us feel the burn but not drag it out long as fuck. Timeless knows that these things aren’t perfect, the know that Lucy and Wyatt are not perfect. But they know that imperfection is what makes them relatable. That imperfection is what makes you able to invest in them and I am ALL IN.

Lyra: I’m going to be honest with you here…during season one I didn’t care for Lyatt. I knew it was going to happen and I was just glad they didn’t push Rufus out of the way because the two white characters were going to fall in love. Then season 2 came around and I’m seeing things a little differently. We got a chance to see these two characters interact with others, one believing that the rest of them were dead and the other believing she was still alive, and it was devastating. They are a team, a family, and if they get together…I’LL BE OVER THE MOON! Not because I want to see the heterosexual couple get together, queer person here, but because the best relationships are built on trust, belief, and friendship. I see now that Lyatt has these three things in bucket loads and I can’t wait to see what Timeless does with this.

Sarah: In season one I walked into this ship with caution, but the season two premiere took me from happily shipping from a distance, to jumping on board the SS Lyatt. These two have come a long way since the Pilot last year, and every moment has felt entirely earned and electric to the point where it was hard not to fall for these two immediately despite my caution. The danger of their missions served to highlight how it affected their relationship, and quickly established how much they trusted and cared for each other. This hour hit it home on demonstrating that, especially in the moment they found each other in 1918. Season two, bring on the moments, laughs, angst and happiness because I am all in for Lyatt.

Lariel: There were times even late in S1 that I wondered whether Wyatt was really ready to move on from Jessica, so I was a bit afraid to ship them. I’ve been burned with ships before! But after 2×01? I am ON BOARD. Wyatt made it clear that Lucy is his priority, above everyone else.

Bex: …. I won’t put my hands up and surrender.
I was slow to start shipping these two, because as with all my ships I prefer to wait a while, to feel confident they’re end-game. Why invest in something if I’m only going to get my heart broken? But by Last Ride of Bonnie and Clyde in S1 – specifically post-kiss when Wyatt looks like he’s been hit by the lightening bolt again – I was all-in. Season one slowly took them from strangers, to friends, to hints of more. I was concerned 2×01 might pull back, and of course I have fears it could happen in season two at some stage, but for now I have hope this relationship will keep moving forward – no matter what the writing team throws at it. I’m excited to see where it goes, I’m excited to watch these two navigate this growing relationship through time, and I’m excited for the angst (even if it’s in the form of a certain lost wife).

Kayla: I’ve began shipping them. I definitely had the feels from them in the S2 premiere. That scene – OMG. There were episodes in S1 where I questioned it – but there were moments that had me seeing the potential of this ship. Other characters – ones that don’t even know them – have noticed their attraction to each other. Rufus calls Wyatt out on his feelings. It’s one of those ships I’m willing to admit to shipping – and interested to see where it goes. If a ship is endgame – then there is always angst. Angst that can always be overcome. Lucy and Wyatt trust each other with their lives – and that’s a wonderful basis for a relationship. Also, any romantic relationship really needs a basis of friendship beneath it. This one has that. Seeing how they handled thinking that they lost the other – or trying to find the other in Wyatt’s case – is amazing. I think what really got me started was how much Wyatt worries in S1 about when Lucy gets taken by Flynn. And especially in the premiere of S2 – If he worries that much – then how much much will he worry about her if they are together? I can’t wait to see where it goes – I ship it.

Shadia: I’m so ready for this ship to be explored this season! So ready! Ever since Season 1 I knew there was just something so great between these two. I’m glad we were able to see them grow as friends, partners, a TEAM. They were a team first with Rufus. It was the small moments between their rides on the lifeboat to their mission of the day where you could sense the build up between these two. Wyatt was also trying to recover from Jessica’s death. So there was still a wound, however, he was healing in ways where Lucy was there for him platonically. So the fact that they kept them as friends in season 1 was a good idea.

NOW, going into the premiere, you could definitely sense right off the bat that those 6 weeks away from Lucy and being scared out of his mind about her whereabouts changed the game. Towards the end of season 1, he was slowly allowing himself to open up to her and this premiere really nailed it in showing us that he’s letting himself move on. Lyatt gives me all kinds of feels. I have felt this kind of angst for a ship to happen since Olicity on Arrow. So being able to witness this slow burn of mutual attraction is definitely keeping me on the edge of my seat! Matt Lanter and Abigail Spencer sure know how to sell it!

Marta: I’m going down with this ship like the goddamned Titanic. Not gonna lie, I was worried that perhaps the jump between the Lyatt that was established in season 1 –late season 1, actually– and the one we’d get in season 2, given the spoilers from the promos, was going to be too sudden and that would hinder their relationship and how it was built. But the change felt organic –the six weeks time jumped helped– and natural. It seemed obvious that Wyatt would be practically going mad over not knowing what had happened to Lucy, and Matt sells it so well. You feel for the character, you are in as much pain as he is, you are as worried as he is –despite the fact that you know Lucy is alright. That’s how you know you’re shipping something beautiful.

And then we get that utterly amazing reunion, with so much emotion encapsulated in a single shot/reverse shot and in their expressions: so full of relief, so full of love and adoration for each other. And all we need is the same question uttered differently that mean everything.

“You’re alive?”

“You’re alive.”

Boom. We’re dead.

So I don’t know what’s going to happen through this season –it certainly won’t be easy for them to be endgame– but that’s what the great love stories are about. And, regardless of what ends up happening, I will most definitely go down with this ship.

Luci: I have been aboard this ship since he first called her ma’am in the pilot. It has been such a wonderful journey through season 1 and these writers have really done both characters justice, by allowing them to process everything they were going through in their own time. While season 1 was a slow burn at best, it feels like they decided to just go for it now and I couldn’t happier and my heart just can’t take the amount of feels these two cause me.

That said, I have complete faith that TPTB will continue to treat both Lucy and Wyatt right and — while it may not be smooth sailing — they have firmly cemented that they’re it for each other. There’s no one else for them and they know it. While Wyatt just talked about possibilities in the season 1 finale, it feels like losing Lucy for those six weeks finally flipped a switch in him and he is now fully invested. And Lucy… well, we know she’s been into Wyatt since pretty much the beginning.

I predict great things for my ship. And I will most definitely go down with them.

McKenzie: How could you not go down with this ship? Lyatt is the definition of ships.  S1 gave us a great foundation for them to build upon in S2. It’s the little things that stand out to me the most in Lyatt. For example, Wyatt’s obvious relief and joy  when he finally sees Lucy again. He is in almost constant contact with her in someway when she is near. It’s almost like he has to always be touching her.  Even when Jiya interrupts their almost kiss. Really?!? He has his hands on rubbing her back and shoulders still comforting her. The obvious ease and trust that Lucy has in Wyatt as well.  She knows that she can go to him, she doesn’t try to hide. Matt Lanter and Abigail Spencer are very gifted actors and we are lucky to have them.

Emily: It’s interesting. In the beginning of Season 1, I didn’t really think they were each other’s type. But, the more I saw how their bond grew and the closer they became, it hooked me. From Wyatt hooking her seatbelt, to the ma’ams becoming their sweet little “thing.” From trusting each other, to the looks of longing for each other. Sometimes you can’t really decide who you fall in love with. In most of cases, we meet someone, date and decide if we want to go further. But, like in this world they are in, they are forced to stand side by side, and they’ve begun to share something the rest of them haven’t.

They don’t have anyone else outside of the rest of their team. I’m excited to see how the writers approach their relationship this season. How they will construct the moment they get decide to be together, the conversation that pushes it forward (hopefully in episode 3). What bumps they will face down the road. I couldn’t even write that stuff, and I wouldn’t want to. Whatever is in store for them, yes, I’m sure Lyatt is end game. They’ve already hinted at that. (I’d be surprised at anything different)  I notoriously fan girl over shows that have ships. Read my twitter history since 2010. This will be my fourth ship. Like all the rest, I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP!


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