Brittany Snow Joins Netflix’s ‘Someone Great’

You know we love Jennifer Kaytin Robinson and will always be fans – because Sweet/Vicious (still bitter about this MTV). We’ll follow her anywhere and to any project, because we believe that she really loves creating quality entertainment.

You may have heard that Jenny is directing a film for Netflix – a film that she wrote – which Gina Rodriguez is due to star in. The film follows Rodriguez’s character, as she and two friends seek adventure before she moves across the country to her dream job in NYC.

We’re all for a good girl power movie and we’re looking forward to this film even more, as Brittany Snow is added to the cast.

We’ve been fans of Brittany’s forever.

Brittany will play one of the three best friends. We can’t wait to see what her character is like. Hell, we can’t wait to see this movie.

Someone Great is due to start shooting in early April.

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