Netflix Purchases ‘Dumplin’

In a move that is establishing Netflix’s dominance in YA movies, the streaming service purchased rights to the adaptation of Dumplin’ today. They plan to release the film on the streaming platform later this year in the U.S. and select international territories.

But if you are like me and really want to see the movie in theaters, don’t worry, it will also be released in select theaters.

If you aren’t familiar with Dumplin’, it’s an adaptation of the Julie Cross book of the same name. The book centers around a girl who was nicknamed Dumplin’ by her former beauty pagent queen mom. The girl gets a job, is around the jock that she has a crush on, starts to loose her self confidence, and enters a beauty pagent to gain the respect of her mom.

The rights were originally bought by Disney, and they ended up not developing the project. THEIR LOSS.

Danielle Macdonald stars alongside Jennifer Aniston, Odeya RushDove Cameron, Harold PerrineauBex Taylor-Klaus and Ginger Minj. Dumplin’ will be released later this year.

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