‘A Discovery of Witches’ 1×07 Review: The Princess Goes Home in This One

The princess (Diana) goes home in this one, has the best sex of her life, and uncovers the truth about why and how she was bound, thanks to a magical house, in episode 7 of A Discovery of Witches. And since I have no idea what else to write in this intro, because I keep staring at the gif below of Diana having mind blowing sex, let’s just dive into the many things I loved about this episode including: the continued female gaze prevalent in the show, my boos Sarah and Emily giving us that amazing queer representation, and Diana’s parents making us ugly cry.

The Female Gaze in A Discovery of Witches


Wonder Woman changed things for me when it comes to viewing women on screen. Before this movie, I never recognized or paid much mind to the way that things were filmed. I didn’t know about shots and how they were designed to bring in the viewer. Nothing. Then Wonder Woman premiered with its unapologetically female gaze that empowered Diana instead of sexualizing her, and I was never the same again.

That’s how I feel when I watch A Discovery of Witches.

Think about the argument between Diana and her aunts when they first arrive at the house in the U.S. It was an emotionally charged moment, but it was also intimate and unashamed of women hashing things out and actually talking. It wasn’t unnecessary drama for dramas sake where everyone yells at each other and doesn’t listen. Also, Matthew. He was sitting in the back, minding his damn business, because he loves Diana but this isn’t his fight right now. And that little bit right there, helped woah me into understanding how much time and care is taken to presenting this story through a female gaze.

Even the sex scene was a magical wonder that didn’t objectify Diana like we’ve seen over and over again when couples have sex on screen. It felt intimate, respectful, and raw in a way that made me want to turn away because these two weren’t fucking, they were making love. Diana’s hands on the bed, Matthew’s worship of her body, and the slow and tender unraveling of her body as she is pleasured, doesn’t condemn Diana for her sexual appetites like we’ve seen over and over again when it comes to women.

Diana’s pleasure is exalted, cherished, and explored without an inch of gross slithering of cameras down her body. The sex scene between Diana and Matthew is emotional, loving, and respectful of both of the characters. Matthew takes care of Diana, practically worships her because he wants to, and gains the greatest pleasure from watching her slowly unravel in his arms. She’s important to him and if the roles were reversed, you know that Diana would be worshipping him in the same manner.

So, thank you to every single person who worked on A Discovery of Witches, particularly in this #Bishmont sex scene, for making a show that feels like it’s from the point of view of…just, people. We need more shows like this that make its content not bound to gender binaries. We’re just vampires, witches, or demons that are living our lives, and trying to tell our stories in a nuanced way that doesn’t divide our experiences into that of a woman or a man. We’re just people.

Sarah and Emily: My Other Epic OTP


One of my favorite things about this episode is the way that Diana’s aunts don’t feel like the other or the one’s intruding on Diana and her “adventures” with Matthew. They are loving members of the family that are as ride or die for Diana as Matthew is. They are family and there’s no way they are getting pushed the side so the main couple can deal with things on their own. NOT IN THIS HOUSE!

I also really enjoyed how everything wasn’t perfect between Emily and Sarah. When Diana asked about being bound on the front porch, both Emily and Sarah killed me with their facial expressions. There was confusion, disappointment, resignation, sadness, and most importantly love. That’s what binds these two women together and it’s normal to hit bumps in the road, no matter how much time you’ve been together.

And then there was the scene on the couch. Seriously, I’m taking a second because this made me ugly cry. *deep breath* Sarah was barely holding on. She didn’t even turn to her wife because she knew that as soon as she looked at Emily, that she would break. And my boo Emily, hand to God, she dealt with Sarah’s emotions with the respect and love that it deserved because they’re partners.

When Sarah finally broke and let herself feel the pain of what was happening, Emily was there. Emily killed Sarah’s doubts by telling her how protective, loving, fantastic, and wonderful of a person she was. And then when Sarah turned to Emily and started crying (at this point I started crying too and still might be a wee emotional. Not wee. Loads of emotions) Emily took her into her arms and comforted like only a loved one or partner can do.

Honestly, I want someone to hold me like Emily held Sarah. I want someone to love me like these two love each other. I want a home like this with sassy bumper stickers on the car out front. I want someone to knit me a pink pussy hat because you know that that bad boy is hand made. I just want it all. And I’m grateful for every second, every moment that we’ve had with Sarah and Emily.

This is what quality LGBTQ+ representation looks like. And I want more.

The House is On Point


When the bombshell of Diana being spellbound hit the Bishop/Mather household, I expected this to be dragged out for a couple episodes. Knowing that this show only had 8 episodes, I thought the pain of Diana not knowing her true self, would carry onto the next season and maybe the one after that. I even thought that the Sarah/Emily relationship would be torn to shreds. Drama, especially of this kind, is easy to plant and pull at when needed, and we’ve seen it time and time again.

Of course, this is A Discovery of Witches and they don’t do anything in the way you’d expect or are used to.

The Bishop/Mather house was like, “Fuck this shit! We’re gonna lay it all out and I’m gonna show you what happened!” The house put on a live action movie for everybody to clear the air and show what truly happened. And it was fucking amazing! No waiting and speculating on what happened for episodes on end while being angry with each other. The house fixed it all up with a nice little bow.

Well, almost fixed it. There will be and are tiny resentments at not knowing why Diana was bound and it’ll take Sarah some time to smooth over the inner guilt at her sister not telling her what they did to Diana. But the fact that they love each other supersedes all of that and leaves them on a playing field where they choose family instead of an express train down to drama llama station.

I need to see more of this house in the future. Also, I need a house like this, in general. Hell, we all need a house like this! Even if it means my house is haunted and that I’ll be missing a floor or so, every once in a while. I’d do it. Especially when it has a brilliant mind of its own like the Bishop/Mather home has.

Diana’s Parents Made Me Ugly Cry & I Have No Regrets


Those flashbacks….honestly, they broke me. Her parents KNEW that they weren’t coming back. But they played the part, put a brave face on, and drove away with the knowledge that they were never going to see their kid again. And, holy shit, I’m getting teary eyed all over again because that is some quality tragic drama right there.

Leaving was made easier (a tiny itty bit) by the fact that Diana’s parents knew that she would be ok. Using their powers, Diana’s parents jumped forward in time, and saw how Diana’s love for Matthew would change things forever in the creature world. They knew she would be ok, taken care of, with a partner by her side that would help free her magic when need be.

That woman that appeared in the forest to Diana when she was hugging Matthew, that had to be the mom. Now, this is coming from someone who hasn’t read the books yet, so please be gentle with me if I’m off the mark. I’m just looking at what is in front of me and putting the pieces together the best that I can.

Diana’s parents taught their daughter a story that would one day lead her to her prince. They protected her by binding her. And then they pulled Peter Knox’s eye away from Diana by leaving their child behind with Sarah and Emily. It wasn’t abandonment. It was caring, love, hope, and trust that things would turn out ok for their daughter and the rest of their family.

And if I were in their shoes, facing the same dilemmas, I would make the same decision too. That’s what you do for family and those that you love.

Other Thoughts:


I don’t care for Satu. I don’t care for Peter Knox. Why are they important, again? Why should I care? Give me more of Diana’s badassery, #Bishmont, Sarah & Emily, and more of Matthew’s family and history. I’m down for all of that if it means no more Satu or Peter Knox.

Favorite Scene from 1×07:


A Discovery of Witches is available on Sundance Now and Shudder.

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