Watch the ‘Anne With An E’ Season 3 Trailer

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been desperate for Anne with an E season since about the time I finished watching season 2. Or maybe I’ve just been desperate for this adaptation ever since I watched the first one, or read the books. Either way, Anne is a kindred spirit of mine, and I believe she is a kindred spirit to many of you, and we just want more!

Well, Netflix hasn’t announced when season 3 of the Canadian drama will premiere worldwide yet (huuuurrrrry it up, Netflix), but season 3 of our beloved Anne with An E is premiering in Canada this Sunday (I’ve never hated you more, Canada), so at least we have footage!

Check our the season 3 trailer here:

Now, let’s talk about it! Our favorite redhead is growing, and we can’t wait to see what new adventures come with that. Sixteen is a fun age, after all. The age of maturing friendships, or your first love, even? We know there’s a boy called Gilbert you maybe sorta like, Anne. Maybe it’s time to admit it?

Probably easier said than done, right? But one can wish!

What do you want to see in season 3 of Anne With An E? Share with us in the comments below!

Anne with an E will premiere in Canada September 22nd. No Netflix premiere date has yet to be announced.

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