‘Anne With An E’ creator teases possible finale feature film

Our hearts were shattered on Monday when Netflix dropped a nuclear bomb on us that Anne With An E‘s upcoming third season would be its last.

We were pissed. We were heartbroken. But we were determined to keep fighting for this show knowing that so many had been saved before it. Because this show is worth it, like the others before it.

“The fan support and love for Anne with an E is overwhelming, heartening, and wonderful — how I love these Kindred Spirits,” creator Moira Walley-Beckett told EW.  “This proves to me how much this show has connected with a diverse audience around the world and how meaningful it is to everyone. I am incredibly proud of these three seasons. Creating Anne with an E was an amazing experience — it was my heart project and I gave all of myself to it. I’m so grateful to my extraordinary cast, crew, writers, and directors for passionately bringing my vision to life.”

Typically, Netflix is where shows go to get saved. Instead, Netflix has stumbled in its decision to cancel one of television’s most important shows that re-imagines Anne of Green Gables in a fresh way, with a diverse group of characters, imaginative storytelling, inspirational messages, a mesmerizing love story and a lead heroine who is in an inspiration for us all.

While things seem bleak right now, Anne With An E might not have taken her final curtain call. Walley-Beckett threw the idea out for a potential finale feature film. One that anyone would be smart enough to fund.

“I will miss this show forever and a day. That being said, I’d love to write an AWAE finale feature film…” Walley-Beckett added.

I think I speak for everyone when I say that we’d very much love a 10-hour finale feature film. Just saying. Although, at this point, we’ll take whatever we can get.

Anne With An E‘s final season hits Netflix on Jan. 3, 2020. So make sure you’re prepared to stream it so we can get a wrap-up movie that will give us a look at Anne’s adult life.

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