Ian Somerhalder Would Make A Return To Mystic Falls This Way…

Ian Somerhalder.

I want to be able to think of him beyond The Vampire Diaries, but if we’re being honest, I rarely do.

He’s always going to be Damon Salvatore to me.

The actor recently spoke to ET and was asked if he would see a return to Mystic Falls. As you all know, Legacies is the current spin-off of The Originals that is a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries and is currently set in Mystic Falls.

And Ian talked about how he would make his return – as a director.

“I actually would love to talk to Jules [creator Julie Plec],” Ian said. “I would love to go and direct one. Because I know Paul went to do it and he called me and he’s like, ‘Bro, this is fucking crazy.’ Because it’s all of our old sets, which is a time warp, 10 years ago. He’s just going, ‘Dude!’ He was actually kind of emotional about it, he goes ‘This is crazy!’”

We can’t even imagine what that was like, but hey – you can go home, I guess.

Ian continued, “We spent eight years on the show, and now it’s two years later, which we’re still talking about it while we’re working on other things. That’s a decade, 30 to 40. That’s a very substantial piece of your life. But I would actually love to go back and direct one. I love what they are doing. The show looks amazing, it’s all of my old team.”

We’d love to see what Ian would do with an episode. Would you?

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