Fangirlish Best of 2019: TV Deaths We Wish We Could Take Back

Dr. Alexei, Stranger Things

Alexi was such a pure delight during season three. He was such an underrated character that was outshined in my opinion when attention was focused on Erica and Robin. He provided me many an entertaining moment that I think could have been expanded upon.

D.A. Ron Miller, How to get Away With Murder

There have been many deaths on HTGAWM. Most of them have been people who had done something bad that made you go, okay oh well, this was not the case with D.A. Ron Miller. Through most of season 6, we were led to believe he had something to do with Nates father being murdered. This in turn made us feel his death was justified. The revelation that he had absolutely nothing to do with it and was actually working to help Nates father, made his death really painful because it was so unnecessary.

Asher, How to Get Away with Murder

This death was an absolute shock. We can honestly say this was one we didn’t see coming. It’s unknown to us why he was killed because he was always such a fun and unassuming guy. You would never think anyone would want him dead. All we know is we need some answers.

Marcus Kane, The 100

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This one hurt. Especially because he had a chance to go on living, in a new body, but you know us, TV fans, we’ll take whatever hope we can get. But of course, that wasn’t to be, as he sacrificed himself to save others.

Tara, The Walking Dead

She had such a sad death, and she was with Rick’s group for so long and often encouraging her other survivors.  Her death was gruesome. Fucking Whisperers.

Mad Sweeney, American Gods

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Just as we were shipping him hardcore with the Mad Wife, this happened. Sweeney’s death doesn’t feel final but just in case, he was the most badass leprechaun out there and he deserved better.

Agree? Disagree? Are there any other deaths you wish you could take back? Share with us in the comments below!

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