Fangirlish Best of 2019: TV Deaths We Wish We Could Take Back

Nothing is more gut wrenching that watching a beloved character die. It doesn’t even have to be someone you like. Maybe for some reason you just wished they lived or died a different way. There is a special someone on this list that fits into that category for me.

Whatever your reasons’s, here is our list character deaths we wish we could take back from 2019.  It wasn’t an easy year, let’s put it that way.

Daenerys Targaryen, Game of Thrones


Listen Linda. This ripped my heart out. Though I doubt David and Dan care.  I have been team Targaryen since the first season of Game of Thrones. Her death was hard enough, but to destroy her character the way they did gutted me.  Maybe I could accept it better if they had actually planned out a Mad Queen storyline in advance, rather than just rush introducing it.

Missandei of Naath, Game of Thrones

This was such a horrible death that I didn’t see coming. Fuck Cersei. Fuck the Mountain. Fuck everyone.  Missandei was such a pure and light soul and then to have her die in chains. I just…I still have no words.

Jaime Lannister, Game of Thrones 

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Jaime, Jaime, Jaime. My beautiful Jaime.  I know you wanted to die in the arms of the women you loved, buy why Cersei? She doesn’t deserve you. You had a beautiful women who loved and accepted you for who you were and pushed you to be your best. Her name was Brienne. If you were to die it should have been with her. I never wanted him to die though. He had one hell of redemption story.

Cersei Lannister, Game of Thrones

The only reason I wish I could take her death back is so I could write a better death scene. She was killed by a bunch of fucking bricks falling on top of her.  WTF???? I wanted a gruesome death worthy of her character like I got with Joffrey and Ramsay. I was cheated and I want a do over.

Hopper, Stranger Things

At this point he could be a live or dead. Since it’s assumed in the storyline I’m going to count it, even if it’s my personal belief he is alive.  The Duffer Brothers just can’t kill him off. I mean come on.  It’s Hopper.  Stranger Things won’t be the same without him. HE IS A NATIONAL TREASURE WHO NEEDS TO BE PROTECTED.  Who is going to yell at El when she is with Mike in a closed room? Also, that letter he wrote El was heartbreaking. No, just no. He is alive.

Logan Echolls, Veronica Mars

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The problem with this one is that it still doesn’t make sense. Why did Logan had to die? To save the world? Oh, no, just because romance doesn’t make for good storytelling. *bangs head against keyboard*


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