Hulu’s ‘Into the Night: Midnight Kiss’ Spoiler Free Review

I’ve been so sick and tired of watching people who identify as LGBTQ+ dying in the horror movies I watch. People like me are always the plucky sidekick or friend who dies while the main hetero couple makes it to the end of the film, thwarting the danger that killed all their queer friends. And I’m tired of it. And so is Into the Night’s Midnight Kiss.

This is the queer slasher of my dreams. Not only does it center on queer characters, it’s acted by queer people. And yes, I understand that actors are acting when they pick a role. But there’s something so magical about seeing genuine queer actors portraying the realities of their queer lives on screen; even if that screen is the small one. 

I especially loved the LGBTQ+ scenes that were sexual. Straight couples get sexy moments before, during, or after being killed by the villain of the horror movie of the week. Equality is giving me the same thing when it comes to two men who just met each other at a bar and want to get it on. So, give me the sexy bed scenes, smooches on the dance floor, and intimate moments between queer couples that are engaged.

It’s also important to note that the sexual scenes in Midnight Kiss aren’t just gratuitous sex scenes. They have actual connections between two or more people who understand what they want and what they are giving. And it’s all made better by making sure that safe sex is practiced across the board. That last bit is something no one thinks about in slasher films, no matter if you’re straight or queer.

Onto the villain. They were pretty straight forward and nothing groundbreaking. But they don’t have to be when it comes to slasher films. All you need is mystery, tension, and mayhem, and you’ve got a villain. I will say that I didn’t see this villain coming. I really should’ve gone the Dwight Schrute method and not suspected the most likely choice or the least likely choice. It was the medium choice who ended up being the bad guy.

As for the beard, an essential and quite often stereotypical part of a queer persons life, I liked them. They were an actual character that didn’t disappear into the background because the killer was coming after everyone else or the queer people were having the time of their lives hooking up and getting to know each other. They were their own person with problems that weighed them down that were acknowledged.

All in all, Into the Dark’s Midnight Kiss was fun, hot, edge of your seat entertainment that made you like the characters and invest in their survival. And isn’t that what all good horror movies are about?

Into the Dark Midnight Kiss is available now on Hulu.

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