Decade Roundtable: The Worst Movie Of The Decade


When we’re talking about good or bad ones – it’s really easy for us to just pass judgement. You either like it or you don’t. For us breaking down the worst was easy, but we could have gone ham on a lot of movies.

What was it about film this past decade? It felt like everyone was trying to just be relevant rather than make a lot of things that would last a lifetime.

Lets break down our calls for the worst movies of the past decade.

Erin: It’s funny because Marvel has blown us away this decade – while DC movies have been some of the worst. Both have wanted to achieve greatness, but DC movies have fallen really flat. And the biggest joke of all was Justice League. The movie was atrocious – bad writing, bad editing, and though I ‘d like to say bad acting, one can’t really judge because it was just so bad you know that they were given nothing good to work with. The movie was just BAD. SO BAD. It was a joke.

Lizzie: The Emoji Movie. Like what the hell was that? It wasn’t even this is so bad I can laugh at it, it was just bad AND boring.

Lyra: The Last Airbender was a damn embarrassment to all who loved the world created over on Nickelodeon. Not only did it replace Asian characters with a bunch of white people, it couldn’t pronounce Aang’s name AT ALL. I spent the entire time cringing at that and the fact that the POC was the villain when that wasn’t the case in the original material. M. Night Shyamalan will always be remembered for taking something thrilling and amazing and giving fans garbage.

Jasmine: Nine LivesKevin Spacey inside the body of the family cat. Hard pass. 

Julie: I really hated all the holiday-themed ensemble movies that were coming out, like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. The stories felt like they tried to hard to fit into the theme, and could have been fleshed out much more. They tried to capitalize on the feels that Love, Actually gave us, but came way too short. 

Grace: I’m with Erin. Justice League was a joke. 

McKenzie: Any of the Sharknado sequels. Were they really necessary? I don’t get the point of them.  The first was pretty bad as well but it was stupid I could laugh through how ridicoulous it was.  The rest not so much. 

Shana: Hi. Petty here again. Black Swan ruined Swan Lake for me because of everyone’s hype over the one story ballet after they saw this movie. I’m still bitter.


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