‘The Witcher’: Season 1 Roundtable

When The Witcher premiered, a lot of us here at Fangirlish fell in love with it. Typically, for things a bunch of us love or want to talk about in general, we put together a roundtable to discuss our thoughts, feelings and reactions.

Joining me talking about The Witcher are Lizzie, Lyra, Julie and Jasmine.

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What was your favorite moment from the series? Favorite episode?

McKenzie: I’m sure we are all surprised to find we are in surprise that we loved Episode 6.  I mean, if it isn’t yours have you really watched it? If you have, I suggest you go watch it again. And again. And again. Yennefer and Geralt are just …ugh…. so many feelings.  They bring so much chemistry and dynamics. You also get jealous and the wonderful forehead touch. It is just everything. Then you through Jaskier into the mix and his shade and his antics and it just is an all around great episode.  My favorite moment though was the forehead touch. It just expressed so many feelings. 

Lizzie: Episode 6 was BY FAR my favorite. I think 5 was enough to get a glimpse of how good Yennefer and Geralt could be together, but then 6 just took it to a whole other level. That coupled with how sure Geralt is of Yennefer being a badass who can take care of herself, and of course, a healthy dose of Jaskier, make it my favorite episode.

As for my favorite moment: when Yennefer wakes up, turns around, and Geralt is there. Their faces, gah. 

Lyra: Favorite episode had to be episode 6 for ship reasons. Geralt is often accused of not having emotions as a Witcher but here he is letting his heart show. The feelings are there and he has them for Yennefer. Favorite moment is when he told Yennefer that she was important to him. It’s practically a love confession!

Julie: I agree with the other ladies that Episode 6 was the best. And not only for shipper reasons, but for dragons! Since Geralt/Yennefer stuff was already mentioned, I will pick a moment from a different episode that I loved. Geralt treated Jaskier as an annoyance, but at the moment his bard was cursed, our dude was rushing to do whatever it took to get him help. I really enjoyed that. We see you and that big heart you’re trying to hide, Geralt. 

Jasmine: Episode 6 was great because there was just so much badass girl power happening from Yennefer, Téa, and Véa. I also loved when Geralt let Yennefer know she was getting to him and that he was opening up to her more than he ever opened up to anyone before.

Episode 5 is actually my favorite because that’s the first time Geralt and Yennefer meet. I love how she is so fearless and makes it clear nobody rules her. She was willing to risk her life in order to get back what was taken from her; the ability to have children. It was a very dangerous choice and almost killed her. When Geralt went back to save her, that’s the moment we all knew there was going to be something more for those two. Geralt kept his emotions locked up but something about Yennefer broke down his walls.

Who was your favorite character on The Witcher and why?

McKenzie: I love Jaskier to pieces but Yennefer of Vengerberg just takes it to a whole new level. She is an unapologetic badass.  She takes what she wants and makes no excuses to why she is doing it. If a way doesn’t exist you better believe she will exhaust every option and then she will create one.  

Lizzie: Up to maybe the end, Geralt was my favorite. Then it was Yennefer. So can I just say it’s a tie? I shouldn’t have to pick, that’s like a crime. The thing I love about Geralt is how much he pretends to be a grump but deep down, he’s a softie. The thing I love about Yennefer is the same. It makes for the best OTP too, because both are too much who they are to show emotion, but when they do ….gah. Sparks,

Lyra: My favorite character is Geralt. He’s a kind, compassionate, and growly grump who makes the world a better place by just being in it. Seriously, it’s like he was made for me to love. #ISaidWhatISaid. Yennefer and Jaskier are right to love him and want him for companionship. I would too if it meant hanging out with a badass who kills monsters, saves the princess, and who never stops, no matter the obstacles in his way. 

Julie: Roach the Horse! Just kidding, it’s Geralt. I love a grumpy hero who reluctantly saves people and pretend he doesn’t give a crap about anything. For someone who “wants to be alone,” he sure spends a lot of time hanging out with people. And even though it’s his job to take money to slay monsters, he always asks questions first, slays later and is willing to give up his pay day to do the right thing. 

Jasmine: I love Geralt but I gotta go with my girl Yennefer. Her growth throughout the series was incredible. She took charge of her own destiny and refused to let someone else do it for her. She didn’t back down from any challenges that came her way and she was just as Fearless as her male counterparts.  

What are your feelings on Geralt and Yennefer? Do you ship it or do you still need more to be convinced?

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McKenzie: I ship this ship so hard. My babies are just so precious and fun together.  The forehead touch, the jealousy, the fighting, the chemistry it’s just…ugh. They obviously make each other happy and love each other. I just want more of the period of their relationship between Episodes 5 and 6 that we didn’t get to see. I feel like that would give us so much more understanding of them. Toast’s to Yenneralt!

Lizzie: I ship it like Fedex. Who needs more after episode 6? That forehead touch? I was done for after that. I think that they compliment each other really well, and once they learn to trust each other, trust in what the other feels, they’ll be unstoppable. 

Lyra: I ship Geralt and Yennefer to the moon and back. They feel like yin and yang, two parts of a whole who bring out the best in each other, when they’re not making the other jealous. The latter part isn’t my favorite but I’m willing to give both of them the benefit of the doubt if it means that they grow as people and in their relationship.

Julie: I ship them, but I also wish we got to see more of the times where their relationship developed. I love the conversation about her being important to him, and her being happy that he was there the next morning. That was shipper gold. I can’t wait to see more of these two together, and they can be parents to that baby surprise. 

Jasmine: I ship the hell out of Yennefer and Geralt. I honestly couldn’t see them with anyone else but each other. They have more in common than I think they realize and they just work so well together. I need more of them because they have great chemistry. 

What was your favorite Jaskier line?

McKenzie: “I won’t be but silent back-up. Look, I heard your note, and, yes, you’re right, maybe real adventures would make better stories. And you, sir, smell chock-full of them. Amongst other things. I mean, what is that? Is that onion? It doesn’t matter. Whatever it is, you smell of death and destiny. Heroics and heartbreak.”

Lizzie: “He always said I had the most beautiful singing voice,” Jaskier, lying to himself about Geralt, because isn’t that what you do when you think your BFF is dead? Oh, and also, his every reaction to Yennefer. Priceless. 

Lyra: “You need a nap!” and “Oh really? Oh, you usually just let strangers rub chamomile onto your lovely bottom?”

Julie: “Eh…he’s fine.” 

Jasmine: I guess it’s not a line but I now have his song “Toss a coin to your witcher” stuck in my head. 

Let’s talk about the timelines. Did you like the way the show chose to tell the story? Were you confused?

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McKenzie: It was confusing for me and I knew they were separate timelines.  I had to actively remind myself each episode of which time we were in and put it together in my head. What I’m looking forward to in Season 2 is now we are converged so I don’t think it will be as confusing.  

Lizzie: I was super confused at first, but the more it went on, the more I appreciated that they made this something other than just Geralt’s story. This was equally Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri, and the only way to truly make it so was to show us the backstory of all three, and the path they took towards meeting each other. 

Lyra: Not going to lie, it was a bit difficult in the beginning because I didn’t know it was multiple timelines. Once I noticed though, ohhhhh it explained everything. It felt like all the pieces fell into place and I understood why things happened in the order they did. And honestly, I wouldn’t mind watching the series all over again if it means I get to see everything from the perspective of knowing that these are 3 separate timelines. 

Julie: Like the others said, it was a bit confusing at the beginning of the season. But once I figured it out, I was really excited! So I felt the confusion had a bit of payoff. 

Jasmine: Yup I’m with you ladies I was super confused at the beginning. I was like “wait, is this now? Or is this before? Wait Queen Calanthe is alive? Didn’t she jump out of a window?” I was talking to my TV alot then I realized it was going back and forth between different timelines which ultimately came back full circle. 

What are you looking forward to seeing in the already announced Season 2?

McKenzie: I need my new found family dynamics. They need Yen.  I want more Geralt and Yen moments. I need Jaskier bards, shade and his clever wit. I’m just a greedy bitch. I want it all. 

Lizzie: I need Geralt and Ciri to find Yennefer, and I need her and Geralt to have a long ass conversation about who they need to be going forward, because they just belong together and it’s time they stop trying to pretend otherwise. THEN I need them to just wrap Ciri in blankets and protect her forever, and go find Jaskier and protect him too. For reasons. 

Lyra: I want to know what happened to Yennefer. I want to see Ciri, Geralt, and Yennefer become a family. And I want Geralt to apologize to Jaskier for being a butt when his friend was just trying to be there for him. I need all of these things stat.

Julie: I want to see Geralt and Jaskier make up and be besties again, and I’m excited to see Geralt be a dad to Ciri. That has the potential for some really fun moments. 

Jasmine: I want to see what happens now that Ciri and Geralt have found each other. I want Geralt and Yennefer to find their way back to each other but most importantly, how did Ciri hear Geralt calling out Yennefers name???

Agree? Disagree? What did you think about The Witcher season 1? Share with us in the comments below!

The Witcher is now streaming on Netflix.

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