‘Birds of Prey’ Spoiler Free Review: *THROWS MUG TO GROUND* ANOTHER!

There’s only been one time when I exited a theater and felt like I could conquer the fucking world. That movie was Wonder Woman. After watching that I felt like I could defeat the patriarchy or anything that came my way with a firm punch in the face and knee in the groin of sexism! And then Birds of Prey came into my life and became that second time. 

And it was beautiful.

And I want to watch it again.

Now all of these Birds of Prey are my children and I will protect them from the world. But wait…they don’t need that from me because they can kick all in the ass in the most beautiful way. [And yes, I know I’m talking a mile a minute but who cares! Let’s do this shit if we want! Harley Quinn style!] Seriously, it was some fluid ass kicking being delivered left, right, up, down, and all around. And like The Little Mermaid, “I want moreeeeeeee!”

I want to see more Harley Quinn. I wanna see, see her kicking ass, one swing at a time while making a name for herself that isn’t dependent on the Joker because he’s a little turd. #ISaidWhatISaid. This is a free Harley Quinn. One who shakes off who she was without losing the crazy smart badass we all know and love. In fact, we are reminded in this movie how talented, brilliant, and capable she truly is.

Then there are my ladies who showed the world what they could do with their own emancipation. Renee Montoya was the queer woman of color mama I never knew I needed in my life. Huntress was my awkward killer child. Cassandra Cain was an actual child being taken care of by her Birds of Prey mothers. And Black Canary aka Dinah Lance was the first time I fell in love with this character and now I want to know everything about her!

Like…seriously…this is now a stan account. Not just for Dinah Lance or Harley Quinn or the rest of the birds. This is a stan account for every badass motherfucker who wants to emancipate themselves from the patriarchal bullshit we face every day as women. This is a stan account for every qualified, certified, and talented lady who is tired of ideally sitting by and letting the world happen to her.

Birds of Prey is that call to liberation, that call to be wild, that call to be free, that call to seek out what you want, one badass sandwich at a time!*

Now go. Watch. And be emancipated right along with us!

*Trust us, you’ll get that once you watch the movie. 😉

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