We Need to Talk About That ‘Locke & Key’ Ending and Why It Had to Happen

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Locke & Key just premiered and already we’re blown away by that season one ending and what it means for the future of the hit series by Joe Hill. To start off, Ellie had it coming. She was the one who raised Dodge from the well and gave him his form of Lucas. And as the Locke siblings were trying to figure things out, Ellie was helping Lucas/Dodge find the keys for him/her.

Ellie knew what she was doing even after she watched Lucas/Dodge kill their friends and loved ones all those years ago. And to trust Lucas just because he looked like the young man of her youth was reckless and foolish. We refuse to believe that Ellie thought she was helping out her past love because it was a good thing. It wasn’t. And she ended up sealing her fate the moment she helped him/her instead of looking out for her kid.

And yes, Ellie eventually saw the error of her ways. That’s why she decided to spill the beans to the Locke siblings. But a part of her still thought Lucas was there. That’s why she didn’t plan ahead or think to take the keys and everything they’d taken from Locke house earlier. She wasn’t thinking straight and that sealed her fate.

Dodge needed a fall guy, someone to disappear and provide the body to do just that. They were taking a huge risk because what if Ellie woke up and went, “Hey, I’m not Dodge. I’m Ellie with the face of Dodge. Please don’t throw me through some big black door.” A couple fact check questions later and Ellie would’ve been saved. But unfortunately she didn’t wake up and everyone thought they tossed Dodge into the nether realm.

Locke & Key

Those last moments were terrifying to watch even though we felt like Ellie had it coming. And we think the Locke siblings would’ve been thrown off if she called out Rufus’ name instead of Tyler’s. They are clued in by the fact that they can’t find Ellie and in the back of their mind there’s a little part of them that wonders if they made a mistake. But they aren’t going to accept that or face that any time soon, especially with the high of defeating Dodge still present.

The final plot twists came when it was revealed that Gabe was Dodge all along and that one of the other teenagers (Eden) trying to close the black door with the Locke siblings actually got hit by one of those glowing bullets they were all warned about. Gabe and Eden close out the series with the latter stuffing her mouth with every food possible because they were starving, revealing that yes, Eden is possessed.

This possession is different than Dodge because she’s just an echo. But Eden, she’s a real living girl and maybe there’s still a chance to bring her back from the darkness that now consumes her. Does she deserve this fate? Ehhh, maybe a little for literally being the worst person only topped by Dodge. But Dodge is a villain and Eden is just a mean teen girl. Maybe there’s still hope for her yet.

As for Ellie, that woman is gone, never to be seen again unless she finds a way to pull herself from this nether realm, ready for the next time the big black door opens via the Omega key. But the chances of that happening are slim to none, especially if Dodge believes there’s a chance she can survive the dark realm that Dodge was trapped in or possibly born in. Now, that would be interesting.

Locke & Key is now available on Netflix.

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