‘Grown-ish’ 3×6 Review: “Real Life Shit”

Hello Grown-ish fans! Welcome back and take a seat, we have a lot to talk about this week. Aaron is on the hunt for a job after finding out how much student debt he owes, Zoey is caught back up in her life as per usual, however it does lead to interesting friendship between herself and Jillian. Nomi is still gone like November and Sky and Rodney have some pretty cute moments that reminded me Sky actually has a softer side. Who new? Anyway, lets get right to it, I’m excited to discuss this weeks episode of Grown-ish “Real Life S**T.”

Student Loan Debt is Literally the Worst

Last week we learned about Aaron’s massive student loan debt and his impending graduation. This week Aaron sets out to find a decent job with good benefits and it turns out to be harder than he thinks. College job fairs aren’t always the best place to get noticed or even prep for a real world situation like a job interview, they can be great networking opportunities however but Aaron has no such luck and doesn’t stand out.

I really felt for him and understood the complexities of the job market coming straight of college. The real world is hard. The real world pretends they want diversity and above average candidates but really they just want “wonder bread”, its safe and comforting.. I guess. Doug tags along to give Aaron pep talks and offer advice. I don’t know about you all, but I am digging their friendship. Its a really nice twist and not forced at all.

Aaron v Zoey v Jillian

Since Aaron’s job hunt was a total downer he enlists Zoey’s help about a job posting her fathers advertising agency has placed. Zoey is all like yes! I will text my dad and ask him to interview you and Aaron is so hype about the prospect of working for Dre, its really cute. However, his thankful attitude towards her quickly changes when he arrives at Dre’s job interview only to find out he’s already filled the position and Zoey never called/texted him about Aaron.


I know Zoey can be thoughtless and self centered, but I mean, come on girl! All you had to do was pick up the phone and let your fingers to the walking. I’m with Aaron on this one and I was kinda done with her too. Maybe she should start talking Adderall again because lately she has been slipping.

I digress.

Jillian witness Aaron and Zoey’s lovers quarrel and invites Zoey out for drinks, knowing things have been awkard between them since Zoey found out about Jillian’s relationship with Luca. I thought this duo would be weird, because I have never been friends with my ex’s new girlfriend, but these kids nowadays are different. Good for them.

Aaron ends up taking a campus job with Dean Telphy being his assistant. The pay is shit and there are no benefits but their is one major perk. Aaron can go to grad school for free! Yay! Now he can be on the show a little longer and get the degree he really wants. I’m happy for him. It all worked out.

Love Sees No Color

So, in Grown-ish‘s b-plot we head back over to Sky and “Rod’Nae,” who have been having some couple problems of their own. Sky cannot come to terms with Rodney being white and although she has feelings for him, she’s worried that it won’t be enough because at the end of the day he will never understand her culturally.

I am loving how Grown-ish is tackling everything this season! Its real and I am here for it. Now, I still think Rodney is bi-racially but I can’t prove it so I’ll leave it there. I will say, I enjoyed the way Jazz handled her sisters insecurities about her relationship with Rodney and tells her that if she really cares for him, likes being with him, and he treats her like a queen than why does the color of his skin matter?

It doesn’t.

Sky and Rodney share a sweet moment in her backyard which reminded me very much of the movie Sixteen Candles. I hope their relationship continues to move forward, all of her friends are supportive and honestly Vivek is in need of a new friend since Doug has left him for Aaron.

Lets make that happen Grown-ish writers.

Grown-ish airs at 8/7C on Freeform.

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