Sophia Bush Signs On For A CBS Medical Drama

Our fangirl hearts are happy.

One Tree Hill will always be one of the first fandoms that taught us about fandom. We’ve gone through the years following the cast and everything that they do.

And one of them has a new gig.

Sophia Bush signed on for the title role in the CBS drama pilot Good Sam, according to Variety.

We don’t have a medical show that we’re addicted to, so we’re looking forward to watching this one.

And it does kinda sound interesting.

Described as, “talented yet stifled heart surgeon Sam (Bush) embraces her leadership role after her renowned and pompous boss, Griff (not yet cast), falls into a coma. When he awakens and wants to resume surgery, however, it falls to her to supervise this overbearing blowhard who never acknowledged her talents — and also happens to be her father.”

Sounds dramatic and you know – we love a good drama. We’re just hoping that it get’s picked up. We were looking forward to the other CBS show that Sophia had signed on for, Surveillance, but that was no picked up.

Does Good Sam sound like a show you would watch?

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  1. No i would not she is not lead quality yet. But she sure thinks she is not a fan . To much of a know it all

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