Beau Mirchoff Upped To Series Regular on ‘Good Trouble’

I will freely admit that I didn’t really like Good Trouble. I felt like everyone was whining and there was just no resolve.

But then enter being sick as fuck and laying in my bed, needing something to watch. I sat and rewatched the series, and I saw that it wasn’t whining. It was actually people finding their strength at all different ages.

This season was phenomenal and left me sitting here and wondering what was going to happen.

Especially with Callie and Jamie’s relationship. I think she should move on, but I also get the allure of Jamie.

And I don’t think that their relationship is going anywhere, because Beau Mirchoff, who plays Jamie, has been upped to series regular.

If you are a fan ofq you know that Brandon married Jamie’s sister. Callie and Jamie are exact opposites, but they had and still have an undeniable attraction to each other. The two balance each other out.

But Callie and Jamie’s relationship has hit a big bump – as Callie betrayed (well I think they both betrayed each other) Jamie by choosing to do the right thing, but it could have cost Jamie his job.

Are they together still? No one knows. Callie has moved out and we’ll have to wait to see what happens.

Good Trouble airs on Freeform.

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