‘The Bold Type’ 4×09 Review: ‘5, 6, 7, 8’

It’s hard to believe that we’re already nearing the end of The Bold Type‘s fourth season. Seriously, it felt like the season premiered just a couple of weeks ago.

Now, we’re staring down a season finale with more questions than answers, especially after this penultimate episode.

What’s next for Jane and Ryan? Is Kat willing to risk her job for what’s right? Is Sutton actually going to move to San Francisco — especially with her dream job right in front of her?

Let’s break down the penultimate episode of The Bold Type‘s fourth season:

Facing the Truth

Freeform/Jonathan Wenk

The truth isn’t always easy to accept. Especially when, deep down, you know that the truth isn’t pretty. When you know the truth might end up ruining everything you thought you had that was perfect. Especially when you risk losing something you thought was good.

For Jane and Jacqueline, this was a lesson that both women had to come to terms with, in their own ways.

Jane has been struggling to come to terms with the truth since the start of this season in regards to her relationship with Ryan. After he confessed to kissing a stranger on his book tour, it took a lot for Jane to give him a second chance. And it took even longer for her to forgive him. In fact, it took him insisting that all he did was kiss that stranger.

Still, Jane hasn’t been able to fully trust him. Even if she tried to distract herself from the fact, with focusing on the intimacy aspect of their relationship or having to deal with her very real health crisis and her impending double-mastectomy.

But an assignment focused on bachelorette parties took her in a surprising direction. A direction that gave her clarity.

Giving up on your dream sucks, sure. But lying to yourself is even worse.

Which is exactly what Jane wrote about, an honest piece that got her her own vertical on Scarlet. An honest piece that brought to light the very thing she’s been struggling with: the truth about what really happened with Ryan.

We lie to ourselves because we’re afraid of the truth. Afraid of the pain that the truth might cause. But that doesn’t make it right. And, eventually, you have to own up to the truth. Embracing the truth makes us stronger.

So that’s what Jane does. She confronts the truth that she’s known all along: Ryan lied to her.

Not about her brother, but about what really happened that night. And when she asks him, he admits that he slept with that stranger on his book tour. And it changes everything.

Jane believes she’s known it this whole time, but she didn’t want to see it. Because she wanted them to make it. She wanted the easy way.

Ryan insists that it’s in the past, that they can still make it. But is that enough? Can the past truly be forgiven?

Meanwhile, Jacqueline comes to a realization regarding her failed marriage. When Ian comes home, she’s shocked. Suddenly, she’s forced to confront the truth she was trying to run from.

Who was responsible for their relationship failing?

In the end, after reading Jane’s piece, Jacqueline realizes that she should’ve been home with Ian and her boys that night instead of going out with an old flame. Sure, it was the easy route. But not what she truly wanted.

Jacqueline hasn’t been honest with herself about the role she’s played in her and Ian’s marriage struggles. Which she tells him. She should’ve been home more, she could’ve done more, tried harder.

While Ian appreciated hearing that, he admits that it wasn’t all her fault. He could’ve done more, too. Been honest about how he was feeling instead of keeping it silent.

But, as Jacqueline told him, maybe they can be honest now. And perhaps that honesty could save their marriage — and their family.

Doing the Right Thing Isn’t Always Easy

Freeform/Jonathan Wenk

Kat Edison is someone that’s always stood up for what’s right — even when it’s often gotten her in trouble. That’s just the person that she is — she’s willing to fight for those that can’t fight for themselves.

So it’s not a surprise that Kat has continued to fight for Travis, who committed suicide after being sent to conversion therapy. Kat and Adena fought hard to get his story told — they even found a way to get around the legal ramifications, where the parents could sue if they could prove it was Travis.

But then why did Safford legal deny the approval of the image?

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a misunderstanding.

Kat goes to R.J. to defend her stance, and she’s abruptly shutdown without even a shred of consideration. Of course, why would the old white man give a shit? It doesn’t concern him. But it turns out, this story goes even deeper.

Turns out there’s an image of R.J. with an Alabama senator that is pro conversion therapy, which leads Kat to wonder if R.J.’s decision was based on personal belief instead of legal concerns.

Kat tracks down his personal assistant Mary and pleads her case. This isn’t just about a job. This is about doing what’s right. And what’s right is, if R.J. is this kind of man, exposing the truth. How could the leader of a progressive woman’s online magazine have these kinds of beliefs?

Mary ends up siding with Kat and hands over a ton of records that prove as much. But, as Richard warns her, this would be more than getting a reprimand. This would mean possibly losing her job. Which wouldn’t be new for Kat. But this one feels different.

How far is Kat willing to go to do what’s right? Is she willing to risk her job? Her future?

I guess we’ll see.

The Future Isn’t Set in Stone

Freeform/Jonathan Wenk

Last week, Sutton made a monumental decision to move her life to San Francisco to be with Richard. This came at a time when she felt her career was dead in the water and any future in fashion in New York City didn’t fe felt like it was more than at an arm’s reach.

My, oh my, what a difference an episode makes.

While Sutton seemed adamant about moving to San Francisco to start a new life with Richard — and to continue to grow her influencer following on the West Coast — you have to wonder how the events of this penultimate episode will affect Sutton’s decision to move her life.

Sutton spent her bachelorette party with Kat and Jane tracking down Alice and fixing the thing she messed up. She owed that much to Oliver, who not only forgave her for messing up monumentally, but also agreed to marry her and Richard. Oliver has been one of the rocks in her life, and she didn’t feel right if she didn’t fix things.

Now, after tracking down Alice and fixing things with her, Alice is the new head of beauty at Scarlet. More than that, Alice wants to hire Sutton as her personal stylist, a job that Sutton has wanted more than anything.

Which is a pretty big change from last week when Sutton thought she was going to lose her job at Scarlet altogether.

We didn’t get to see Sutton’s reaction, but certainly when she learns this news, she’s going to have to reconsider the decision she made. Because while it’s important for her to sacrifice parts of her life if she’s going to marry Richard, she shouldn’t have to give up everything. Including her absolute dream job.

That has only served to prove that the future isn’t set in stone. A series of decisions can affect one’s future at the drop of a hat.

The Bold Type airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Freeform.

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