‘Katy Keene’ Chapter Eight Review: It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)

“It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)” was a great one. We are now up to episode eight of Katy Keene. I felt a little bit inspired, and reminded for the first time in a couple of weeks why this show has really great lessons and story-lines. The hot guys aren’t so bad to look at either. However, let’s discuss the important issues they brought up.


Katy Keene it's alright ma
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I am extremely proud of Jorge. He was beaten up by people who fear who he is. Who can’t accept people as they are. People who are narrow minded and cruel. Those that think there is something wrong with being a part of the LGBTQ+ community. There is not. It is something to celebrate.

Jorge stood up for what he believed in. When he faced resistance from his ma when he was bleeding. When his dad was afraid of loosing him, and has a hard time accepting that Jorge loves being Ginger. Jorge didn’t let the danger that he faced from anyone tear him down. He went and stood up for what he believed was right. Literally.

I wish a lot more people would take a page out of his book. Ginger is a part of Jorge. She shouldn’t have to be hidden from the world. No. She DESERVES to be celebrated. Ginger is a magnificent human being and talented as well. Katy Keene does an excellent job of celebrating her.

If you find yourself in a position where you are afraid of doing something you know is right, but are afraid of the consequences, I want you to remember something. Doing something that is hard because it is the right thing to do set’s you apart from those who sit in the background and take the easy road.

You will find the strength within yourself if you listen to your heart and not your mind. Don’t be afraid. Show no fear.


Katy Keene It's alright ma
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Katy Keene gave Jorge a very important message this week. Family is not just your blood. It is also who you choose. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed to have a family that is tied to you by blood.

It is important to remember that the people you surround yourself with frequently. Those that you would trust your life with. Friends that have been there through thick and thin are also your family.

They are sometimes even more important in my opinion. While you can’t choose which family you were born into you can definitely choose who to call family.


Katy Keene It's alright ma bleeding
Source: Tumblr

I’m just going to sneak in a little side note here. I did not believe for one second when Guy shook Katy’s hand and said they were going to be “professional.” Tension. Did you see the tension? And the sparks. The lurking of wanting to be more behind their eyes. I am all here for Katy and Guy. I will get on this ship! I’m officially stepping aboard.

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