Maitreyi Ramakrishnan Talks About A Possible ‘Never Have I Ever’ Season 2

If we don’t get a season 2 of Never Have I Ever, then to be honest with you, we will have been robbed! I am obsessed with this show, and now that my ships have been set up, I need to figure out what happens next.

Team Ben over here.

But are we getting a season 2? Unknown.

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan talked about the possibility of a second season with Variety.

“Three main things — understanding that she needs to be more appreciative of her family and her friends because her friends do a lot for her. Her friends really are her day ones,” Maitreyi said to Variety. “And also understanding where her mother’s coming from. That is something that we’ll be able to have a lot of audiences relate to, understanding where our parents are coming from even though they might not go about doing certain things the best way possible.”

And that goes into the second thing – “the idea of approaching that grief — confronting it, having that battle, even though it’s something uncomfortable to think about, [but] actually just running toward it and facing it, dealing with it head on.”

We all know that is difficult. Understanding other people is one of the most difficult things in life.

But what is the third thing on that list? For Ramakrishnan it would be, “embracing her culture because that is so important in a world where identity is everything. It’s how you portray yourself. It’s how you show yourself to the world and how everybody will view you, but also how you accept yourself. And I think if Devi does those magic three, she might be a little bit more at peace with herself.”

We’d have to agree with these, as Devi has a lot to learn. In order to move forward with a lot of things in her life, she needs to cope with grief and her identity.

No matter who you are – this is a show that anyone can relate to.

“It’s awesome because I’m seeing so many people saying, ‘Oh my God, I can relate to this so much.’ Whether it’s something as simple as one of the arm hair jokes — because let’s be real, even though I’m 100% confident with my arm hair, there are days where I go up to my father and I say, ‘Why did you do this to me? Why can’t you give me anything else?’” Ramakrishnan says. “Or somebody saying, ‘Thank you, this made me really realize I have some unpacking to do with the loss of a family member’…That’s all I wanted from this show. Emmys for the cast, Emmys for the direction, a Nobel Peace Prize — I’m not opposed — but, in all seriousness, this is all I wanted from the show.”

Have you watched Never Have I Ever? What are your thoughts?

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