‘Killing Eve’ 3×07 Review: “Beautiful Monster”

‘Killing Eve’ 3x07 Review: “Beautiful Monster”
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  1. Zuleyde says:

    Well… I have to say that I’m puzzled at 1) why people *have to* romanticize Villaneve, 2) why the show chose to romanticize Villaneve. I came across your early reviews and agreed with you 100% their relationship is toxic, and I felt like I was sane. What drew me so much to the show was the fact that they were self-aware of it. like “yeah we are writing a destructive obsession and we are not pretending to be writing anything else”. and I truly enjoyed it as for one I am really into the explorations of our often times disastrous desires. If one show managed to be honest when portraying it, it was killing eve. I dig it. So it never sit well with me that people had to ship them, as in romantically although I want the sexual tension pay-off. but to each their own.
    But then… season 3 happened they went full on romanticizing it. So there are three options 1) Eve goes insane because of trauma and “accepts” Villanelle and we are supposed to find it cute; 2) Villanelle is redeemed and this becomes a rescue romance, where again a woman is torn apart so that the anti-hero can heal. yikes. 3) they get together, it is messy as hell and the show keeps it’s honesty (which I am not optimistic about because fan service)
    The thing is it is no excuse to say Eve is not a good a person, or became twisted. No person caught up in a toxic relationship is an angel, and they tend to get “worse” as it goes, but that doesn’t make it ok. The real question is that why can we only oppose toxic relationships when victims behave like we expect them to. So when a victim is conflicted, torn, adopting destructive behaviors, and alienating those around them but still attracted to the relationship, well then now it’s ok, because they kinda want it and they are not healthy themselves right? Idk… At this point there is no realistic way that this is not plainly romanticizing a toxic relationship and I hope for the love of me they don’t “fix” it, which would be not only disingenuous but just… boring. We can just ready lesbian 50 shades of gray fanfic if we want that. In summary I don’t want Eve to become Harley Quinn nor I want Villanelle to find jesus and fix her issues through Eve’s “love”. They can do better than that.

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