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INTERVIEW: Mike McMahan Talks Writing, Trek Legacy, and Tendi/Rutherford Part 1

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  1. HeroOfShadows says:

    The no TendiFord bit really hit hard and in a way that took away most of my positive anticipation for the show, and it’s only getting worse as I process it.

    If we do get an “Tendi and Rutherford are definitely better as friends it can never work between them” scene I’m sure my enjoyment would drop to 0.

    Thing is I agree with Mike that the show is not built up around romance and that all of them are friends first and that Mariner is hard to date but I don’t see a reason why romance cannot be any part of it at all and why the writers have to go in and burn those bridges and salt the fields in canon.

    TNG was not built around romance and Riker for example was hard to date with his career and etc but that didn’t stop Riker and Troi from having a relationship eventually and getting married.

    If you know fans are shipping the characters, due to moments you wrote in for them, but you don’t want them together just don’t write them together don’t go in with the intent to prove that it’s impossible, spite against your fans never works out.

    The fans are seeing the potential for these ships due to moments that you wrote into the show, the episodes are very short so it’s not like stuff as Tendi inquiring about Rutherford’s date with Barnes after she knew him for only a day or Rutherford changing departments to hang out with Tendi or Rutherford going out of his way to impress Tendi admitting he did it because she was cute or Tendi getting inbetwen Rutherford and Barnes accidentally got in the script they were chose by the writers to be in there.

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