‘Interview with the Vampire’ 1×03 Review: “Is My Very Nature That Of The Devil?”

Interview with the Vampire 1x03 Jacob Anderson as Louis and Sam Reid as Lestat
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  1. Alisha says:

    I was surprised that Lestat cheats on Louis in front of him, then laughs in his face when he asks if he’s enough 🙁 After allowing Louis to have an open relationship, too, he follows and watches Louis with Jonah; he gets jealous. That alone is creepy .. then again, he’s been stalking him since episode 1. Is he like this in the books?

    1. Shana says:

      He’s a messy mass of contradictions in the books, but I don’t remember him being quite so forward in terms of shoving his hookups in Louis’ face. There was a musician (not Antoinette), but he mostly went off on his own for those encounters. The night of the plot to kill him, he’d tried to get Louis to go with him to see this mortal guy and got outraged when Louis stayed behind. Otherwise…there was Freniere, but that was framed more as Lestat wanting his property. If anything, Louis kind of made his infatuation with Freniere’s relative Bianca clear at that point.

      Anything else, I haven’t retained and have, somehow, managed to gloss over even in all my detailed digs for quotes over the course of the TV adaptation. :/

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