‘Chicago P.D.’ 10×09 Advance Review: “Proof of Burden”

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  1. Rich says:

    I agree with you concerning the recognition for this show. I think it was a crime that Tracy did not get an Emmy nomination for her performance last season. Unfortunately, the powers that be who determine Emmy nominations have focused almost exclusively on shows that are streamed. While many are deserving of the awards they have received, there needs to be more balance as performances such as Tracy’s are being ignored.

  2. Katherine says:

    The only thing I agree with is that the entire cast deserves more recognition for their acting, especially Tracy. I do tend to think this fanbase (Upstead fans in particular) tend to conveniently ignore certain things about Jay, Hailey and their faves, while simultaneously crucifying others for doing the same or less. I also think the negativity about this show from Upstead fans since Jay’s departure (and regarding how he was written out, which actually was in character) is getting ridiculous at this point. As an Upstead fan, it’s making me hate other Upstead fans. They’re getting annoying.

    As for the crumbs, I’m not sure what people expected. Just like Chicago P.D. wasn’t about Linstead when Erin was around, it’ s not about Upstead either. It’s always been an ensemble show, where the relationships are an added bonus. This is a procedural first and foremost, not the Linstead, Upstead, or Burzek show. I watch for the cases, not the relationships. I just enjoy the relationships as a bonus.

  3. Liz says:

    I sure hope they convict Sean, it doesn’t matter what his father says, and who he is.

  4. Varun Shekhar says:

    This is one of the most compelling, gripping storylines that has ever occurred on Chicago PD or any series! And the finale should positively *not* be character driven, except to explain( one hopes) the motives and behaviour of Sean O’Neal. And to give Hailey and other officers a chance to vent some real felt outrage and anger. They should explain several things, including how O’Neal got away all these years, without being detected, or even mildly suspected by anyone in his circle. As I’ve stated elsewhere, there should not be any cheap, throw away climax like Chief O’Neal turning in his son, or Sean himself walking into a police station. That would be grossly unsatisfying, considering how riveting the plotline has been so far. Of course, given Hailey Upton’s personal connection to this case, there has to be some focus on her involvement and inescapable rage toward Sean and his evil doings. But that should be woven into a compelling cat and mouse, battle of wits between Chicago PD and O’Neal. Not an end in itself!

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