6 Underrated Monster Movies on Netflix You Should Watch

Blood Red Sky as part of sn underrated monster movies to watch on Netflix
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  1. Fredrick Beondo says:

    Troll is the unspoken sequel to 2010’s Troll Hunter, convince me otherwise LOL been trying to get more people to see it, definite hidden gem imho.

  2. Fredrick Beondo says:

    Blood Red Sky was a revelation. I had heard, ala the SOAP stigma, to give it a chance despite that, and I was floored…it definitely brought a pathos to what you said in the main review could’ve been just a vampire vs. terrorists fracas tropefest [Closest in my mind to tropes would be the crazy one who was cosplaying as an FA getting drunk on more violence after she (inadvertantly?) turned him], and I don’t care how tough you think you are, when Elias is standing there, with the detonator, seeing the creature bounding toward him that was once his mother, with nothing but hunger and bloodlust on its face, crying out hoping to still reach her somewhere in there as he had while the plane was still flying, tears running, and then, knowing, sets off the explosives and destroys the plane. with his mother and all the vampires AND NOT CRY YOU ARE NOT HUMAN.

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