See More Released Photos From ‘Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin’

The time is finally here! The highly anticipated #PLLOriginalSin’s first three episodes are out now. See more pics from the episodes!

HBO Max Releases New Photos From ‘Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin’

We’ve got more pics from #PLLOriginalSin & it definitely doesn’t look like the original version of the show. See the pics here!

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Apple TV+ Has A New Series Coming And It Sounds Odd But The Cast Has Us Interested

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ABC Plans Two Hour ‘Beauty & The Beast’ 30th Anniversary Special

Somethings do not need a live action special. Well, nothing really does. Let us appreciate the original. There are other ways to pay tribute besides someone in a costume that will give us nightmares

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‘Legacies’ 4×20 Preview: “Just Don’t Be a Stranger, Okay?”

The end of the TVD Universe is here with Legacies 4×20, “Just Don’t Be a Stranger, Okay?” Check out our preview of the series finale!

Klaus Mikaelson Is Back: Joseph Morgan Confirms Return for ‘Legacies’ Series Finale

All the rumors and riddles paid off! Joseph Morgan will reprise his role as Klaus Mikaelson in the Legacies series finale. Keep reading for the details!

Queerly Not Straight: Let the Gays Have Netflix’s ‘First Kill’

Netflix’s ‘First Kill’ doesn’t have to be a cinematic masterpiece to be enjoyable and the LGBTQ+ community deserves to have TV like this too.

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‘Legacies’ Canceled by The CW, Ending 13-Year ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Franchise

The Salvatore School for the Young & Gifted is closing its doors — permanently, this time, thanks to ‘Legacies’ being canceled.

Sophie Turner Gets Starstruck, Just Like Us

We ❤️ when celebrities prove that they’re just like us. Sophie Turner skipped a Kardashian party for a reason we can relate to.

The Cast Of ‘Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin’ Post About Season One Wrapping

#PrettyLittleLiarsOriginalSin has wrapped filming its first season. See the casts posts

Legacies 4×17 Review: “Into the Woods”

Legacies 4×17, “Into the Woods,” is all about what it means to choose to live in the face of supposed insurmountable odds and predestined fates. Read our review!

‘Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin’ Has Wrapped Filming On Its First Season

Season 1 of #PLLOriginalSin has wrapped filming. We’re still meh about the reboot. Are you?

‘Legacies’ 4×15 Review: “Everything That Can Be Lost May Also Be Found”

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‘Legacies’ 4×15 Preview: “Everything That Can Be Lost May Also Be Found”

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Legacies 4×14 Review: “The Only Way Out Is Through”

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