Do I know anything about Telenovelas? No. But when one of you slides into DM’s and says can we please talk about his Instagram and drool over him? Granted, I don’t agree with all but when I looked at Aaron Diaz’s Instagram, this man made me thirsty AF. I agreedRead More →

Another week and another Thirsty Thursday. With all the focus around Deputy and After in my life, I’ve been trying to decide who would be this weeks Thirsty Thursday. Who keeps me drooling? Who is hot AF? The list is long. But also who seems like a good guy. AndRead More →

Marvel fans, it’s time to rejoice! We are less than two months away from Natasha Romanoff  returning to theaters in her solo film Black Widow. It’s over a decade in the making and fans are understandably clamoring for any content they can get. Luckily for them, Marvel released a finalRead More →

I’ve seen the Sprouse twins on television for what feels like my entire life. They are so different – even though they look the same. I think that with Cole, his blunt, don’t give a fuck, live life to the fullest attitude, is part of what is so attractive. AndRead More →

If you watched Anime like I did as a child you will probably remember a few couples here and there that marked your youth and made you fantasies about love! Or maybe I’m just the only one? But either way, today I’m sharing with you what I believe to beRead More →

Pacey Witter and Joey Potter from Dawson’s Creek has been one of my OTPs for a long while. In fact, this year marks the twentieth anniversary of when they actually first got together! There was no denying the chemistry between Joshua Jackson and Katie Holmes by that point and theRead More →

There is so much artistic talent out in the world. Webcomics have been a thing for probably as long as the internet has been around. WEBTOON is a website and app that works with creators to showcase their stories and artwork and it can be overwhelming to find ones toRead More →

We’re coming up on a year from the finale of Game of Thrones. While the majority of the fandom hated it and we still don’t have The Winds of Winter, it doesn’t mean we’ve given up on the best ship of the story–Jaime Lannister and Brienne of Tarth. I’m stillRead More →

With Cinderella starting to film in London, it seemed natural that we would turn to the Prince today. Hey, we’re all about Cinderella and think that this live action movie is going to be amazing. Nicholas Galitzine is hot. He sings, he acts, he is easy on the eyes. He’sRead More →

Galentine’s Day. Yes, I am a bitter bitch and I am all about how Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday and I am bitter as fuck about it. Judge me if you want, but hey – me and my friends who are bitterly single will be praising Galentine’s Day asRead More →

When I think of romance, love triangle isn’t usually the first thing that pops in my head. I am truly, truly a canon relationship girl, but every once in a while the chemistry between two people is just so hard to ignore that you can’t look away. You can’t notRead More →

Always and forever. Or, at least, that’s how long I’ll ship Nathan Scott and Haley James Scott. The power couple of One Tree Hill, Nathan and Haley have solidified my belief that love exists. Throughout the nine seasons of One Tree Hill, Nathan and Haley continued to defy the oddsRead More →

High Fidelity

This Valentine’s Day, Hulu premieres its new show High Fidelity. Originally conceived for Disney+, the subject matter pushed it to Hulu and that’s fine by me! The original story is one of my favorites, but it doesn’t truly mesh with the Disney brand, so the switch to Hulu is perfect.Read More →

It should be no big surprise to anyone that most of us here at Fangirlish are HUGE Lyatt shippers. For those of you who have never seen one of the best shows ever, Timeless, they are two of the main characters and their names are Lucy and Wyatt. With itRead More →

If you are like most of the Netflix watching community of 2018, then you probably fell in love with biggest ship of the year just like we did. As To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before hit your screens, bringing Peter Kavinsky and Lara Jean Covey to the forefront ofRead More →

Marvel’s Disney+ teaser let fans see the first footage from upcoming shows like The Falcon and the Winter Solider and WandaVision. The teaser even gives fans a sneak peek into the world of Loki. We made a list of ten details from the Disney+ teaser that we can all discussRead More →

I may hate football and Super Bowl Sunday may be one of the worst days in the world to me, but I can appreciate one thing about it. The commercials. I can also appreciate the fact that someone out there understands that not everyone wants to watch the game, andRead More →

It’s been a while, but good ships never really disappear from the collective consciousness. And it’s February, the month of love, so we thought we’d go back and examine some of our favorite ships, and why we shipped them. Bring some more love into the world, so to speak. SoRead More →