Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s hour season finale, consisting of the episodes “Sicko” and “Suicide Squad,” made us grateful all over again for NBC rescuing this hilarious, heartfelt, and entertaining comedy. So from Captain Holt jokes about Wuntch to #Peraltiago shout out by the writers to us, the viewers, let’s breakdown our 7Read More →


Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s “The Crime Scene” saw Rosa opening up and making real progress in accepting her bisexual life, sharing it with others, and reconnecting with her mother. It’s the kind of progress we’ve been hoping for Rosa. And from one bisexual Latina to another, thank you Stephanie and everyone atRead More →

Being a queer woman of color, made the cancellation of Brooklyn Nine-Nine all those months ago, hurt even more than I expected. Rosa Diaz, this badass, out of the box, and real representation of what it was to be Latina, had just come out as bisexual. And before we couldRead More →

We love love. And most importantly, we love the journey couples take towards that love, the getting to know each other, the teasing, hell; we even love the obstacles, as long as our favorites come through those together. Because they give us hope. They remind us that we also deserveRead More →

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is gearing up for an amazing premiere on their new home of NBC with these first look photos and a sneak peek video of what’s to come! Without giving too much away of this toit premiere, let’s point some things in these photos. Season 6 is going toRead More →