‘9-1-1’ 5×11 Review: “Outside Looking In”

9-1-1 is finally back! “Outside Looking in” had some new faces and a lot of changes, and we definitely have some mixed feelings.

‘9-1-1’ 5×10 Review: “Wrapped in Red”

This week’s 9-1-1, “Wrapped in Red” included everything you would want in a Christmas episode: humor, romance, and more.

‘9-1-1’ 5×09 Review: “Past is Prologue”

After a rough start, this week’s 9-1-1 made us smile. “Past is Prologue” was all about love and relationships which are our favorites.

‘9-1-1’ 5×08 Review: “Defend in Place”

“Defend in Place” was absolutely heartbreaking. It reminded us that this is a show about fires and sometimes there aren’t happy endings.

‘9-1-1’ 5×07 Review: “Ghost Stories”

“Ghost Stories” featured a crazy mystery with an ending none of us saw coming along with some of our favorites confronted with their pasts.